Dreamed Psychic Gave Scary Reading

by RKH
(Phx, AZ USA)

I often dream premonitions, but this was just too damn much!

I often dream premonitions, but this was just too damn much!

Last night I had a dream that I went to go see a palm reader. I walked into her house and there was clutter everywhere, ancient artifacts and things like that. She was standing on a step stool hanging something on a wall. She was an Asian lady who moved about so swiftly; speaking to the spirits in her language.

I kept trying to get her attention, I assumed she would sit down and read my palms or do a tarot reading. She didn't. Instead she told me that I was pregnant and that the due date would be Jan 29, 2014.

At this point I was extremely confused and told her that date had long passed. She agreed then walked to the computer that was in the other room. When she came back, she was a different person, a little person. She told me I needed to go to my gynecologist and demand an ultrasound because there was no way the pregnancy would be detected by a home test. I asked her the identity of the child's father and she only gave me the last name. According to her, I was expecting my second child by this man.

I should mention I have one child and had a sterilization procedure done 3 years ago to prevent me from having anymore children.

Anyway, she then morphed into another person. This lady was tall and very pale. She looked like a living zombie. Her head was wrapped in a bandage, her arm in a cast, and blood oozed from her neck. The psychic stated, “now let me tell you about your horrific 30s.” She told me I would get into a horrible accident near a freeway ramp and at that moment I begged and pleaded with her to stop. I cried. I told her that I had only gone to her to find out if this man loved me. I didn't want to hear her tell me that I would be in accident, or worse, that I would die. I plugged my ears and tried to tune her out.

Then I woke up and I am feeling so uneasy about it. What should I do? What can I do? It could've been just a dream, but considering I turn 30 at the end of next year, I feel like it was more.

I often dream premonitions, but this was just too damn much!

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