Dreaming of Death

by Kate
(Kent, Ohio)

My whole life I've been able to sense things. I "see" them, but not in the way most people do. Of course, Mom thought my abilities were evil, so I remained quiet about them.

One night I had a dream. It was a dream I've had before, so I knew what it meant: Death. I woke up, sat up in bed, and sighed as I processed the dream, then went back to bed, and dreamed it again! My husband stirred awake when I awoke the second time and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I had the death dream again," I replied, "I was in the truck with dad and we were picking up dead bodies."

The next day I called my mom and asked if everything was okay. Slightly confused she replied, "Yes... Well... No... Steve went into the hospital. He was practicing on stage for church when he collapsed. He was clinically dead for a while and the doctors had to revive him."

Two dreams of death. I knew he wasn't going to make it. Sure enough, about three days later, he died for a second time, but this one was permanent. I wasn't surprised at all.

It wasn't the first or last time I had these dreams. I also knew about a family member's suicide attempt, and another uncle's death. I even knew about a friend who was contemplating death. Luckily I talked the friend out of it.

These things have been a blessing, helping me to help others. I can only hope I learn to develop these gifts more, and that people will become more accepting of them, instead of telling me I'm going to hell for it.

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Aug 30, 2010
Grandma Sue
by: Felicia

I once had a dream of a loved one that died in "2008" on Halloween night. My family says it's a visit from her. It was the day before the party. My family was going to meet my boyfriend and in my dream she said that she wished she was there to meet him and she also said she missed me. I said it right back to her but the twist was I was really young in my dream right now I'm 15 and I was 14 when I had the dream but in the dream I was 6 yrs old.

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