Dreaming Of Murders

by Elise

Okay. This sounds completely nuts, I even have trouble saying this, but I think I might be able to see murders before they happen... did you ever see medium? It’s kind of like that. In my dream, I saw a man, he looked at me, acknowledging my presence, then looked away, he went into a room, and I followed. He brought me into a little bedroom, and in this bedroom brought me to a small old bed, I looked at it, and the more I did, I could see smudges of red blood stain out of my peripheral vision, as though it wasn’t there, but it was... Then the man laid down next to a bleeding woman who suddenly appeared next to him on the floor, and another man with a snake walked in, and shoved me out... outside there was loud music, and I woke up this morning to the news, and found out that a young man killed his parents in their bedroom when he was at a party, with his snake. I looked at the picture of the man and nearly had a heart attack, since it was the man in my dream.

This started out with little things, like me dreaming of a fight before it happened, but suddenly I’m dreaming of murders before they happen!!!!!! Help! I’m so lost and scared!!!

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