Dreams, Déjà vu, and Flash Premonitions.

by Kat

I’m not so sure what's going on with me. Over the years I've had many strange things happened. I've heard my name called. I've heard whispering and talking when everyone was asleep or no one was around. I've had dreams of funerals and someone dies. I've learned that if I attend it's someone I personally know. If I just walk past a funeral happening, then it's a family member’s friend, someone I know but not well.

I had a Déjà vu moment so strange that I literally felt my spirit leave my body and enter into my 12 year old body. I could feel everything, hear my thoughts, and I knew at that moment the guy I have my daughter with, I knew at that age of 12 it would be him. Did I forget over the years or something? IDK. It happened really quickly though.

Lately the Déjà vu moments have been more something I think I've seen happen before than something I've lived. They are very strong when they happen. After my half-brother's grandma passed I swear I saw her standing next to a chair I was sitting in. She was in a white gown.

The scariest thing I've had happen was when I could feel someone in the room with me. It was the middle of the night, in the basement. It felt like someone had come through the basement window. I looked up, but saw no one but I knew he was there. I felt like he was tall and in a rush. Like someone was after him almost. I think, not 100%. The TV turned off. I turned it back on. Then I laid back down. I felt he was getting frustrated with me. Then my niece’s toy kitchen started going off making noise. It happened twice I looked up at it. I turned to try to go to sleep and it went off again. I got the courage to get up and look and the toy was turned off. When that didn't work I guess he got upset or something because then he started whispering in my ear but he was talking so fast I didn't understand what he said. Then he was gone. That was the most frightening thing.

Lately just over the past few months I've had what I guess you can call flashes. In the first one I was standing with this guy, and everything in front of me looked blurry, then he had this blue print and was telling me things and the more he told me the clearer everything became. After that I've had three other flashes. One I was told was a past life, the other was a different time era, and the last is a premonition.

I always thought a psychic was someone that can see the future, talk to the deceased, and have all these abilities. I feel like I'm just experiencing things that everyone else does just that maybe I pay more attention to it.

So here's the thing I don't feel psychic, nor do I believe I am but I do need advice from those that understand and may be able to help me decide if I'm crazy or these things have and are happening.

Does anyone have any idea what this is all about?

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Aug 28, 2014
completely feel yall
by: Anonymous

Been having these same things go on since I was 12 or earlier.. Been trying to figure it out and am conflicted because it goes against a lot of my faith. I see the shadows and have heard my name and other messages.. had a lot of deja vu through the years but saw through my own testing that based on how I played my cards in the moments I could change the out come of the events as they happened... changing bad outcomes to good at least sometimes. A lot of my friends would consider me to have medium abilities but I doubt myself.. a sensitive maybe I think that's what it's called. But a I think I doubt myself too much for myself to be medium. I've had enough experiences to not doubt but my faith just makes that hard for me... :/ idk just confusing

Oct 02, 2012
"name calling"
by: wendy

I hear my name being called when i'm in certain places even though there's no one around, it hasn't happened for about a month or so now but the last twice i heard it it was louder than any other time, a lot of other things have happened that i can't explain.I'd like to know what this means as i'm definately not mad !! Lol xx

Jul 24, 2011
How Do I Know Who Is Calling
by: Gulstan

Every time someone calls our house telephone and someone from our house answers it and is talking I know who has called without listening to the conversation and the purpose of the call. Can you tell me why this happens?

Mar 23, 2011
Its not just you:)
by: Anonymous

Mostly, all of us Indigo people are feeling like something has "waken up" inside us lately. I do not wish to speak for all indigo people, but most of the ones ive talked to are feeling about the same. Like something tragic is about to happen. Like you I get feelings of Deja-voo, like ive seen this before. I get dreams about the future. As ive noticed there are lost of indigo people out there, and with our own unique special talents. Please feel, free to visit my posts. One is called "Hello everyone" and the other are "Indigo seer" where I wrote about my first of many premonitions back in 2000. (I dont think anyone has commented on it yet. May be too extreme for some, unfourtunatatly this particular dream seems to be coming true! Several others have! The dreams began in this sequence, War, Protests, concentration camps, beasts, earthquakes, plague, tornadoes, the third angel and the death of madonna which ties to the Great Quake. I know this sounds dismal, but as someone who understands, I hope you do as well. Just because some of us sees these things as the future does not mean we cannot change it:o)

Mar 19, 2011
Husband Sick Dream
by: Anonymous

In a dream I saw that my husband was very sick. I later got the news that my father died.

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