Flipping a Coin Gives You The Truth of the Matter

by Kenna J
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)

Easy Access to your Intuition

Easy Access to your Intuition

When I was a child in a Christian household. My mother told me that whenever I had trouble making a decision, I could flip a coin. "God controls everything, even the flip of a coin," she said.

Although I no longer believe in a God that controls everything (if I ever did), the coin-flipping technique my mother taught me for making decisions has remained quite useful.

When I'm having trouble choosing between two options, I consider flipping a coin. I imagine the result being one way and then the other and observe my own emotional response to each imagined outcome. If one of the two possible flip outcomes feels bad to me, then I don't need to flip the coin at all; I go with the option that doesn't feel bad.

If each outcome seems acceptable, then I flip the coin. When I see the outcome, if my being feels expanded and my heart says YES, then I know I've found the correct course of action. If my heart falls and I feel smaller when I see the result, then I know I've found which road NOT to take. And, if I simply feel accepting about the outcome, without much more of a sense than that, then I know that either choice would have been okay.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we are facing a crucial decision when we are not. Sometimes we don't know which way to go because either direction will get us to our destination, and the choice is simply arbitrary. The intuitive response you have to a coin flip will show you how important the matter actually is. Not much intuitive response means the choice is not very crucial.

Our intuition is always there, waiting to be accessed. Answers abound all around. Next time you feel torn, flip a coin to find the truth.

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