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Flood In Boat Basement Dream

by Nikki
(United States)

Last night, I dreamt I was in a boat, at least that's where I felt I was. The floor was cement and it looked like a house basement. My brother was down there with me, so was my friend. My brother ran down wooden stairs with two orange flashlights. He said "We need to get this water out of here!" Yet, there was no water anywhere in the basement. But outside this circular shaped window, I heard water, but all I saw was darkness though it was bright enough to see the water, it was very faint. I opened the window and water started to poor in, the water was so high above the window, but only a small stream came in, and the window was wide open. I followed the small stream of water and it found its way to a drain that was in the ground. For some reason I closed the window, and somehow my brother got a white bucket filled with water and a glass was in the same bucket. He carried it upstairs and I opened the window again but this time, I stuck my hand in the darkness of the water. But I began to get this terrible fear. I could feel the water but beyond the darkness I was becoming terrified. More water came in, and I closed the window. Strange that my friend disappeared, she never did anything in the dream.

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