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Free Astral Projection Techniques

These easy to follow and free astral projection techniques can set you on your way to experience your own out of body experiences. 

Astral projection is one of the deeper powers of your mind. As a child, you likely experienced many exciting out-of-body adventures. But, as parents, teachers and preachers conditioned you about living on earth you forgot about all your extra sensory perceptions and became a student of life.

You have an astral body. Your astral body can separate itself from your physical body and travel the material and astral worlds. Out-of-body experiences are natural and happen more frequently than you realize.

If you desire to master conscious willed astral projection, you can start by exploring the three P’s:

Free Astral Projection Techniques (The 3 P's)

Free Astral Projection TechniquesFree Astral Projection Techniques (Preparation, Practice, and Projection are the 3 P's)


Make an intention to astral project. Understand it takes as long as it takes. It could take weeks, months, years or it could happen right out of the starting gate.

Begin an Astral Projection journal. Record any OBE dreams you experience (we all travel to the astral world during dreamtime). The jolt of returning from another dimension to our three-dimensional world (your body) usually obliterates all except the last few impressions of the dream world.

Dedicate an appropriate space in your home for practice. It must be a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed.

Prepare a regular schedule for your astral projection work.

Gather information about astral projection – learn the basics of conscious astral projection, its benefits and how to perform rhythmic breathing. Read a few experiences of others who have taken astral voyages to get an idea of what you might see or do. There are various levels in the next dimension from the astral to highest spiritual level.


Try to practice each session at the same time, at least an hour after eating. Wear loose clothing. Let go of any fears. Astral projection is natural. It is not dangerous. Your astral body is connected to your physical body with a silver cord. So, you will not get lost while adventuring in the ether.

Teach your body to relax, through rhythmic breathing. Concentrate on your body parts, one at the time and give each body part permission to relax.

Creatively visualize your astral body outside your physical body. Focus on a spot about three feet away. Visualize your astral self being there. Increase the distance in increments of three feet.

Meditation complements visualization. Self-hypnosis is an excellent modality for preparing to astral travel.


With practice, your energy should start vibrating at the same frequency as the astral plane. Keep telling yourself how lovely it would be to float upward into higher dimensions. Imagine a beautiful, peaceful journey.

During your first OBE, you may simply float above your body or visit places on the earth plane. Before you take longer journeys, it’s best to gradually get used to the out-of-body feeling.

When you desire to return, think yourself back in your body.  

Keep practicing!

Going Beyond Free Astral Projection Techniques