Free Astral Projection Techniques To Get You There

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Who else wants to get out of this world? These free astral projection techniques are easy to follow and can set you on your way to experience your own out of body experiences. Preparation, practice, and projection will get you there!

Astral projection is one of the deeper powers of your mind. As a child, you likely experienced many exciting out-of-body adventures. But, as parents, teachers and preachers conditioned you about living on earth you forgot about all your extra-sensory perceptions and became a student of life.

"Is this all there is?"  has always been one of the questions puzzling mankind. The truth is, the world around us is not simply made up of physical matter, of objects visible to the eye and tangible to the finger. It goes well beyond that, as Ancient Greek philosophers, wise men from India, and late Victorian Theosophists all argued. 

Free Astral Projection TechniquesFree Astral Projection Techniques (Preparation, Practice, and Projection are the 3 P's)

Based on my own experiences our universe consists of three planes - the physical (the one our bodies and all the tangible reality exist in), the astral (the plane of the soul, the emotions etc.) and the mental (where thoughts and abstract ideas dwell). By default, the average person only has access to the lowest, physical plane, having but limited consciousness of the other two. With some spiritual work and self-improvement however, all of us can potentially reach the upper echelons of reality.

Physical, emotional and mental health are key as they provide a strong foundation for further work. Balance and moderation in every aspect of one's life never hurt anyone and can only make things easier. Developing clairvoyance and embarking on astral travel have more similarities than one might think, so the general advice applies to both.

Astral projection (or out-of-body-experience, OBE, as it is often referred to) denotes the separation of the astral body (or soul) and its travel through space and time. An advanced practice, it is however not outside of the reach of spiritually sensitive individuals. 

So, you have an astral body. Your astral body can separate itself from your physical body and travel the material and astral worlds. Out-of-body experiences are natural and happen more frequently than you realize.

The practice of it begins with choosing a quiet and secluded spot where you can lie down comfortably and relax. Deep relaxation of every part of your body (and mind) is essential. The next step involved is reaching an almost hypnotic state by letting the body approach sleep without completely losing consciousness. This fine balance between wakefulness and sleep is the trigger for all astral projection techniques. Oftentimes, as the astral body prepares to separate from the physical, vibrations are felt throughout. Just as the separation is about to occur, you need to firmly but gently use your mind to control and move your astral frame. Stand up, look around, walk across the room, then try to look back at your physical body. It should be lying where you left it, motionless as if asleep.

This will, of course, be a bit of a challenge at first, but be persistent. As you get better at it, try to leave the room (in your astral form), go to the next one, examine an object of your choice, remembering every detail. Once you're back in your physical frame and fully conscious, go and check whether your astral perception was correct. This way you will make sure that you are really having an OBE and not living a mere fantasy.

A word of advice - there is no reason to fear. Go on and explore further. The silver cord (which you can think of as your astral umbilical cord) is firmly attached and won't snap. You can return to your physical frame easily by "willing" it. Relax, and enjoy the ride.

If you want to master conscious willed astral travel, you can start by exploring the following free astral projection techniques consisting of three P’s:

The 3 P's of Astral Projection

Practice with these Free Astral Projection Techniques


Make an intention to astral project. Understand it takes as long as it takes. It could take weeks, months, years or it could happen right out of the starting gate.

Begin an Astral Projection journal. Record any OBE dreams you experience (we all travel to the astral world during dreamtime). The jolt of returning from another dimension to our three-dimensional world (your body) usually obliterates all except the last few impressions of the dream world.

Dedicate an appropriate space in your home for practice. It must be a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed.

Prepare a regular schedule for your astral projection work.

Gather information about astral projection – learn the basics of conscious astral projection, its benefits and how to perform rhythmic breathing. Read a few experiences of others who have taken astral voyages to get an idea of what you might see or do. There are various levels in the next dimension from the astral to highest spiritual level.


Try to practice each session at the same time, at least an hour after eating. Wear loose clothing. Let go of any fears. Astral projection is natural. It is not dangerous. Your astral body is connected to your physical body with a silver cord. So, you will not get lost while adventuring in the ether.

Teach your body to relax, through rhythmic breathing. Concentrate on your body parts, one at the time and give each body part permission to relax.

Creatively visualize your astral body outside your physical body. Focus on a spot about three feet away. Visualize your astral self being there. Increase the distance in increments of three feet.

Meditation complements these free astral projection techniques. Self-hypnosis is an excellent modality for preparing to astral travel.


With practice, your energy should start vibrating at the same frequency as the astral plane. Keep telling yourself how lovely it would be to float upward into higher dimensions. Imagine a beautiful, peaceful journey.

During your first OBE, you may simply float above your body or visit places on the earth plane. Before you take longer journeys, it’s best to gradually get used to the out-of-body feeling.

When you desire to return, think yourself back in your body.  

Keep practicing these free astral projection techniques!

Going Beyond Free Astral Projection Techniques

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Comments About Astral Projection

Astral and Thought Projection - by Jon Wilson (Rochester NH)
I was practicing a meditation technique when I heard voices start to come into my head. I then began to go deeper into my meditation and woke up with white all around me, me having a string hanging out of my stomach leading to somewhere, so I thought in my head, “where does this lead to”? Instantly I was looking at my physical body sleeping. I was freaked out so I thought of my body again and I was there, I put one finger on to my head and I woke up, I was back in my physical body wondering if this was all a dream.  I then looked up free astral projection techniques and found this page with the answers I was looking for - thanks!

Astral Dreams - by Brittany (Ohio)
I have been continually having these astral dreams that in some weird way keep coming true. It used to be when big things happened like the tsunami, 9-11, plane crashes. But now it keeps happening with smaller things. And not always in dreams anymore. I want to look into it, but it makes me nervous. I never predict good things, just bad. This keeps happening more and more, and I'm not sure what to do with it. Part of me wants to learn some of these free astral projection techniques so I can know what it is that will happen.

My First Out Of Body Experience - by Davy Jones (Northern NY)
I had my first out of body experience in fourth grade. A friend and I had a contest on who could hold their breath the longest. Of course I passed out but I saw my unconscious body laying underneath me. I was soon "pulled back" by my conscious mind.

Indigo OBE - by Kesha (Trinidad and Tobago, WI)
When I was younger I had an out of body experience (OBE). I remember it quite clearly. I was asleep then I remember the sensation of waking up, and looking in the mirror, then looking back down at my bed and seeing my body still lying on the bed. It was only for a few seconds but I will never forget it. I am an Indigo and I think these free astral projection techniques will help me too.

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