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Free Psychic Talk

with Snake River

A Free Psychic Talk with Snake River. In the perfect world of Now, we each accept abundance as a part of our existence. There is no need or want that is not met. But in "reality" it appears that some people get everything they want. They don't have to work very hard to have beautiful homes, cars, vacations and lovers. They seem to be self-centered and do not understand the world of Spirit, and yet they have everything.

There are others who work very hard and have had difficult lives. They connect to their Inner Selves and feel compassion for humanity, but wealth and abundance pass them by. "This is unfair!" they cry! 

To understand this phenomenon we need to look at our journey on Earth. You have probably heard, "He's an Old Soul." or "She's just a Young Soul. She has a few more lives to go yet." What does this really mean?

Each of us has many lives on our journey to Oneness to The Life Energy, some call God. In our first few lives on Earth we are pretty much on a free ride. Things seem to be easy for us and we don't have too many hurdles to overcome. In this stage we are called Young Souls. Young souls are not looking for a free psychic talk yet.

As we progress along our Path life starts to throw us a few curve balls. There would be no point to the exercise if there were no challenges. The Older a Soul is, that is the more lives we lead and the more growth we've experienced, the more difficult the road becomes. So if you are in need of a free psychic talk or reading, you are likely to be one of these old souls doing it tough.

We learn lessons along the way which help us move to the next level, much like a video game.

Enlightenment occurs when we are still on Earth, but realize our Oneness with The Creator. At this stage we are able to help Younger Souls who are coming up. Life appears to get very easy again; this time through an act of consciousness.

Free Psychic Talk - Snake River

We have everything we need and want because we know we are entitled to. We are connected to the Source of Abundance which grants our every desire as we think of it, and it knows our needs before we do. And a free psychic talk or reading can then be just another sign of abundance and your needs being met.

The term Enlightenment evokes an image of stumbling through a dark room, falling over obstacles until we reach the light switch and find we are in a room filled with riches and wealth beyond our dreams, and we are overcome with Joy.

People who seek free psychic readings are often aware of their Higher Self and the presence of Spirit Guides but are not yet connected to them.

This is a learning journey. There is no shame in not having reached Enlightenment, where all your needs and desires are met. A free psychic talk or reading brings assistance that can help you move through some of the difficult times, or shine a light on the path for your next steps.

Money is a physical manifestation of wealth. We may not be in a place yet, of being able to produce or receive that wealth. Part of the journey is recognizing the flow of energy, including wealth, into and out of our lives. Your free psychic reading or psychic healing may help you see the blocks to that flow.

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