How To Find Funny Tarot Card Meanings In Your Own Deck

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Tarot cards are traditionally used for divination and spiritual guidance. However, finding funny tarot card meanings can be a fun and creative way to approach your readings.

Here are some tips on how to find humor in your tarot decks:

  • Look for the unexpected: Tarot cards often have traditional meanings associated with them, but sometimes they can be interpreted in unexpected ways. Look for the quirky or unexpected elements in a card and see if you can find images or interpretations that are surprising or funny.

  • Use your imagination: Tarot cards can spark your imagination and creativity. Take a look at a card and see if you can come up with a funny scenario or story based on the imagery.

  • Use puns and wordplay: Some tarot cards have names that lend themselves to puns and wordplay. For example, The Fool card could be interpreted as "foolish" or "full of laughs."

  • Get creative: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tarot, so don't be afraid to get creative. You could create your own tarot cards with humorous images or make up your own tarot spreads that focus on funny themes.

Whatever you do don't take a tarot reading too seriously: While tarot cards can offer deep insights and guidance, it's also okay to approach them with a light-hearted attitude.

Finding Funny Tarot Card Meanings

22 Funny Tarot Card Meanings

In the spirit of humor, here are some funny tarot card meanings for the major arcana card deck:

  • 0 - The Fool: A person who doesn't understand the consequences of their actions and tends to make a lot of foolish mistakes.

  • I - The Magician: A slick, fast-talking salesperson who can convince anyone of anything.

  • II - The High Priestess: Someone who's always keeping secrets and never tells you what they really think.

  • III - The Empress: A bossy, overbearing mother who insists on controlling every aspect of your life.

  • IV - The Emperor: A pompous, power-hungry dictator who loves to boss people around.

  • V - The Hierophant: A stuffy, uptight religious leader who's always trying to tell you how to live your life.

  • VI - The Lovers: A couple who can't keep their hands off each other and are always making googly eyes.

  • VII - The Chariot: A person who's always in a hurry and can't slow down, even when it's time to relax.

  • VIII - Strength: A tough, no-nonsense person who never backs down from a challenge.

  • IX - The Hermit: A loner who's always off by themselves and doesn't like to be bothered.

  • X - The Wheel of Fortune: A person who's always riding high on their luck, but never knows when it's going to run out.

  • XI - Justice: A strict, judgmental person who always wants to make sure everyone follows the rules.

  • XII - The Hanged Man: A person who's always stuck in limbo, never able to make a decision or take action.

  • XIII - Death: A grim reaper who loves to scare people and is always lurking around the corner.

  • XIV - Temperance: A person who's always looking for balance and harmony in their life but can never quite achieve it.

  • XV - The Devil: A trickster who is always trying to tempt you into doing something you know you shouldn't.

  • XVI - The Tower: A person who's always causing chaos and destruction wherever they go.

  • XVII - The Star: A dreamer who's always looking to the stars and hoping for a better future.

  • XVIII - The Moon: A person who's always lost in their own imagination and can never quite separate reality from fantasy.

  • XIX - The Sun: A person who's always bright and cheerful, spreading happiness wherever they go.

  • XX - Judgement: A person who's always passing judgment on others and never takes a moment to reflect on their own flaws.

  • XXI - The World: A person who's always traveling the world and experiencing new cultures but can never seem to find a place to call home.

Remember that humor can be a powerful tool for healing and can help you to see things from a different perspective.

Do no harm! Tarot cards are ultimately a tool for self-reflection and insight, but there's no reason you can't have fun with them too. Just be respectful of the tradition and meanings behind the cards, and don't make up funny tarot card meanings that could be potentially harmful or triggering.

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