Giant Man-Eating Octopus

by Nicole H.

Well among all the strange dreams I have this one I feel I should share. In the very beginning I have just stepped in a door and am entering a pitch black narrow damp hallway. I know it’s a hallway because I can touch walls on both sides.

I suddenly sense a woman in front of me and I gasp in fear. I say to her I don’t know where I am going. She says trust God, have faith and you will know.

Suddenly after making my way down this dark narrow hallway this lady opens a door and a bright light flashes and turns dim. The woman leaves it open for me to follow through and she gives me a strong look over her shoulder directly in my eyes.

Her eyes were like mine, very large and powerful when you look in them. I’ll never forget them.

As she wandered off, into a dark forest park looking area, I looked up and saw a giant burgundy-brown coloured octopus. It was about 70 feet high with hundreds of tentacles. As the octopus was grabbing people, eating and throwing them, I of course felt fear again knowing I was going to be snatched up any second. Then the woman appeared right by me and said don’t worry it won’t hurt you.

I remember actually making eye contact with the woman, but the octopus looked at me as well. This dream was very vivid and felt very real.

Can anyone tell me their take?

I think it was pretty cool and maybe a very deep meaning.

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Nov 28, 2014
How To Read The Signs
by: Ian

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Feb 04, 2011
Man-Eating Octopus
by: AMary A.nonymous

An octopus in a dream could signify that a situation or a personal relationship has completely engtangled the dreamer. Aleternatively, the dreamer may be too possessive and clinging in a relationship. If the dreamer is leaving home or a job in real life, this dream symbol may indicate the dreamer is clinging to a family member (e.g., the person's mother or spouse) or to the employer or fellow employees. If the dream has a positive emotional tone, it may show someone involved in many different things.

As far as the spiritual apsect, you could be searching for more spirituality in your life to compensate for any emotional turmoil.

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