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Gifts From Beyond

by Tylina Hardy
(Clovis, NM)

On the night of August 30, a very dear friend named Cris died. That night, he came to me in a dream and asked me, "Are you into mystics? Are you a mystic?" To which I enthusiastically said yes, and I was very, very excited. The next night, I heard about my friend's death.

About a week later, as I was driving home from out of town, I couldn't help but see how beautiful my area of the country is. I had to pull over to get out and hear the silence and watch the plains. That night, as I was unpacking my car, I saw my friend standing in my garage, leaning in a cool stance on the wall, like he always did. I did a few double takes, but he was gone.

I immediately called my Ouija boarding friend, and Cris jumped on right away. He told me he came to me because I was 'so above people'. He asked me to call his best friend, but we couldn't get the phone number right. When I later got his number, it was the exact same numbers we'd been trying!

Since then, I've been having premonition dreams at least once a week, when I read tarot they're spot on, and I can tell where things are, and what's going to happen. I can hear my spirit guides and have seen them a few times. I'm so, so grateful for these gifts, but they do startle me sometimes! I just need to learn how to control it better, and how to help it grow!

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