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Ouija Board.

by Georgia

Some say that Ouija board's are not safe. But I tend to disagree. I am 13 years old, and had a friend over, before school started this year. We began to play with my Ouija board at home. She asked it if it could tell us our futures. Some might say I pushed it (and i can't remember if I did or not) but that's not what's strange. The strange thing is, that all the answer's to my friends questions were popping up in my head before the board began to move.

As soon as the next week, the things it said would happen began happening. We laughed it off.

Then, me and my step sister tried it again. This time we contacted my grandfather. She asked him if she would ever have to go live with her father.
He said yes. She said when? And then... he said soon. The next day, we got the news that she would be moving to her father's house.

The next experience, was in October, the night of Halloween. Me and 2 of my friends used the Ouija board again. The answer's for the 3rd time, flowed into my head. Everything that came for my friend, has happened so far. The last thing it said was that my friend was going to get pregnant at 16.

Which we have yet to see...

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