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Glowing White Cat

by Rikki
(Dallas, TX)

I start off in my bedroom, in my bed. I get up and walk towards the door, the closer I get the louder the music is on the other side. I walk out and there’s a grand stair case on the left of me leading up. I walk up the stairs, the music gets louder, and I am lead to another door. The music source is behind it.

I open it and it a bunch of me's, talking and walking around. Me from my childhood, high school, college, work, in my past relationships. And I am not noticed, like I am invisible.

Then I hear a scream, it shakes the room. And all of my past me's start to fight. Punches, blood everywhere. And in the middle of everything I see a white cat running unnoticed under everyone. He stops right in front of me glowing. I stare he’s beautiful. I look up and all of the past me's are staring at me in straight lines.

Beaten and bloody, I take a step back and they all growl. The cat runs down the steps and I take off after him in a full sprint. All of my past selves chase me. The cat bolts out of the window, as do I.

My past me chases but he cannot get out of the window. The cat runs down a street with lights that look like lanterns from Japan. He stops on the steps of a house I don’t recognize. I stop on the first step. The lights dim and burn out. The cat comes down the steps and stops at my feet, he allows me to pick him up, as the street goes dark. He is my light.

This is where I wake up. I had this dream for two weeks straight.

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