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Finding a good tarot card reader can sometimes be a challenge, even with recommendations from friends and family. Before you take their word for it, you want to make sure that they are genuinely good readers. That is because you want your hard-earned money to be well-spent, and no one wants their time or money wasted. 

A Genuinely Good Tarot Card Reader

The tarot reader you want to go to must be exceptional. What are the traits that a tarot reader must have to be outstanding at what they do? Let's go over five of those winning traits right now.

5 Traits Of An Exceptionally Good Tarot Card Reader

1. The Good Tarot Card Reader Knows The Meaning Of The Cards

  • This trait should be a common-sense no brainer one. However, you'd be surprised (and horrified) to know how many people out there claim to be tarot readers and don't know the meaning of the cards. You would not want to go to a reader that does not know the meaning of the cards pulling Death. I'll leave that one up to your imagination. Or, how about a reader that pulls the Tower card and starts telling you that your hair will grow as long as Rapunzel's hair. An exceptional tarot reader knows the meaning of the cards very well, and there are no exceptions.

2. The Good Tarot Card Reader Seldom Draws Blanks When Pulling The Cards

  • If the tarot reader is good, they will not draw blanks. Yes, they may need a few seconds to process a difficult or complicated card combination in a spread. Being stumped is not the same thing as drawing blanks. That also happens less often than it should. Either way, a good tarot reader will always use their intuition at the end to interpret the meaning of even complex card combinations.

3. The Good Tarot Card Reader Must Be Completely Comfortable With At Least Three Spreads

  • If a reader only knows one tarot spread well, then that is not good enough. There are so many different spreads that are appropriate for different types of readings. There is one type of spread for a relationship reading, and another spread for a financial reading, and there is also the Celtic Cross spread. Knowing that particular spread alone is not enough for a tarot reader to a good one. The more spreads they are highly familiar with and know exceptionally well, the better they are.

4. The Good Tarot Reader Can Tell A Story Based On The Cards

  • If you go to a tarot reader that goes over each card one by one, that is only fine if they clarify each of the card meanings to you. However, if they are doing it because they don't know how to tell a story based on the spread of the cards they pulled based on the question you asked - that is a problem. The tarot reader is not exceptional and is still a student of the tarot themselves. Every reader starts their tarot journey from somewhere, but those who are still not overly experienced must practice doing readings on others. They are not at the point of offering professional readings to the public.

5. Good Tarot Card Readers Have An Empathetic Method Of Delivering News That Is Disappointing

  • What does the reader do if a querent asks them if their lover will stay with them, but ends up pulling the Ten of Swords as the outcome card? Delivering news based on the cards that the relationship will end is far from easy. The reader must have a calm and empathetic way of providing that type of bad news to the querent. In addition to that, the querent may take their frustrations out on the reader, and an exceptional tarot reader must stay calm and professional. They will also expect situations like that to arise.

Now, the next question you have is, how do you know if a tarot reader is genuinely exceptional? How do you screen them? First, the best thing you can do is scan the reviews of the tarot reader you want to hire. Secondly, you need to ask plenty of questions. Ask anyone who recommends a tarot reader to you why they are guiding the reader. Examine the website of the reader. And last but not least, use your intuition and good luck!

Guest post by Miriam Slozberg

Guest post by Miriam Slozberg

Miriam Slozberg is a Canadian author, astrologer, and professional tarot reader. She has also studied Western astrology, Kabbalistic Astrology, as well as both Pythagorean and Chaldean numerology. 

 A loving mom to three children, (two human and one furry), Miriam combines her skills, sensitivity, and knowledge into every project she works on. Her books are published on Amazon

If you want to learn how to read the tarot for free, go to MiriamReadsTarot.com and sign up for the free one-week course.

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