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How To Buy Tarot Cards Using Your Own Intuition

Knowing how to buy tarot cards, where to get them, and choosing the best ones for you, can be very overwhelming. Especially with all the new tarot decks constantly coming on the market. Here’s the insider’s secret - you must allow the tarot cards to choose you!

There is often a burst of excitement one gets when an interest in learning the tarot first presents itself. It often leads that person to rush out the door buying the first deck they see, or perhaps the most popular or least expensive one.

This is not a bad idea if your goal is simply to learn the basics, especially if it becomes just a passing fancy. But if you find that learning the basics has only sparked your desire to explore the world of tarot further, and perhaps to assist in developing your intuition, or even to give readings on a professional level, I suggest you find a deck that really ‘grabs’ you, one that you feel a personal connection with.

Finding The Best Tarot Cards To Buy

It can be difficult to find the perfect set when faced with rows of decks and books that vary greatly ranging from different meanings and styles of tarot cards to angel cards to oracle sets. Maybe you will get lucky, and one will ‘jump’ out at you letting you know it’s the right one off the bat. If that doesn’t happen right away, here is the intuitive technique that has always worked for me.

How To Buy Tarot Cards Intuitively

Using your intuition can get you a deck of cards that will truly resonate with you. It helps to ask your spirit guides for help when doing this. Take yourself (and your guides) down to a local new age store or one of the larger general bookstores if they have a good selection of tarot decks. Choose a few of the available tarot decks that you like and place them side by side on the shelf in front of you. Pick up each set individually, paying attention only to the sensation you get from holding it in your hand. Go through all the new decks one at a time making note of what you feel. You may feel nothing except the weight of the box for most of them. It’s different for everyone but there will be a physical sign that’s just for you. A shiver that travels up your arm (as it does for me) or a tingle at the back of your neck, your stomach could flip, your heart might race… there should be some physical sign letting you know. Repeat this several times narrowing down the choices until you get to "the one", usually you will get the same sensation over and over from the deck that’s supposed to be yours.

I went shopping for new tarot decks but had no clue about what I wanted. After staring at all the choices for almost an hour I had it down to three that I liked, with one that I thought was best. Knowing how to buy tarot cards I used this intuitive technique to help me pick the one of the three, and I was not surprised by what happened. When I picked up the one I liked the most I got nothing and felt nothing at all. A strong shiver went up my arm and my heart flipped when I picked up a box of oracle cards that I really didn’t have any interest in. I tested it several times and every time had the same experience when I picked up the set, so I bought them even though I was not really sure what I would do with them as it wasn’t my usual style. Our instincts are never wrong though, I absolutely adore these cards and of course they are a perfect addition to the tools I already use.

How To Buy Tarot Cards IntuitivelyKnow how to buy tarot cards intuitively

As a clairvoyant tarot reader, it’s important that I know how to buy tarot cards because they must work well for and with me energetically. I like to use the Universal Waite Tarot Deck in my professional readings. Another of my favorites is Connolly Tarot, not only is each card beautiful to look at, for me they act as a gateway into the client’s life. When using these cards during a reading, it’s like I’m given instant access to that person’s energy field allowing me to ‘read’ information about them and their lives past and present.

We don't always know what will end up being our gateway, and it’s a good idea to try different types of divination decks to access full potential of your gifts.

How To Buy Tarot Cards Online

These days it is very easy to buy tarot cards online. The trouble is that you don't have the same opportunity to get a hands-on feel for the best deck for you. So, start by going to your local store and practice the tuning in method. Note the price, and then check the same deck on Amazon for a comparable price. You can often save some money this way.

But where to get tarot cards online! I used to purchase decks on eBay, but I had too many arrive that were seconds. Some cards being doubled up and others missing etc., or if they came from China, I found that they were often very poor-quality rip-offs of real decks. I've never had those problems with Amazon.

My pick of Tarot Reading Kits from Amazon, publishing affiliate may get a commission

The Essential Tarot Kit: Hanson-Roberts Book and Card Set - by Rosalind Simmons

The Book of Shadows Complete Tarot Kit - by Barbara Moore 

After Tarot Cards Kit - by Corrine Kenner 

Easy Tarot Kit: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!  - by Josephine Ellershaw  & Ciro Marchetti 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Your Own Tarot Card Deck

Can you buy tarot cards online?

  • You can still buy tarot cards online without the touchy-feely element of shopping locally. Do a search on Amazon for "tarot deck". Scroll through and make a list of 3 to 5 decks that catch your eye. Open a browser tab for each and, if you can, print off the info page. Then using your intuition and a pendulum, dowse each page for a clear yes or no. Or revert back to the same exercise I mentioned above for tuning into each deck in a local store.

What is the best tarot card deck?

  • For beginners, the best tarot deck to buy is the Rider Waite Smith deck. This is because most other pictorial decks are simply versions of this one. If you learn Tarot with this one you will understand most others. I'm still using this one a lot even after more than 35 years of providing professional readings.

Can you buy a tarot deck for yourself?

  • Yes, you can buy a tarot deck for yourself. But learn to let the tarot cards choose you (as I've explained above) if you want to pick the best deck for your use.

Where to buy your own tarot set online?

  • I've not done well with buying tarot cards on eBay because I've have received too many seconds and inferior cheap copies over the years. I stick to Amazon now because I get good prices and genuine quality.

Should your first tarot deck be a gift?

  • While it is always a perfect gift for a Tarot Junkie like me, your own tarot deck can be a gift from yourself to yourself. People who perpetuate the myth "you must never purchase a first deck because it must be given to you as a gift" have watched too many Harry Potter movies. Most professional psychics like myself buy our own deck of cards.

Is it bad to use someone else's tarot cards?

  • It is not bad to use someone else's tarot cards at all. In fact, if you visit a good psychic tarot reader in person, you will most often be asked to shuffle the cards at the start of your reading. A busy psychic will have had their cards used by thousands of people. If you want to read your own cards, it is possible to buy used cards on eBay. I've always sold my old decks that way. Some people prefer their tarot decks to have been pre-loved by a good psychic.

What is the most common Tarot deck?

  • The 'old faithful' Rider Waite deck is still the most common of tarot card decks out there.

Is it OK to have more than one tarot deck?

  • I hope so, or I'm in trouble! - Just kidding - Yes, owning many decks is part and parcel of our trade. But if you want to work with one deck, that is fine too.

How many tarot decks do you have?

  • I own more than 50 tarot decks, as I like to change them about from reading to reading. That said, I tend to use one deck 80% of the time and the rest in about 20% of my work.

How do you break-in a new deck of Tarot cards?

What is a good tarot deck for beginners?

  • The Rider-Waite deck is regarded as the de-facto 'standard' for modern tarot decks and the most suitable for the study of tarot for a beginner because it has fully illustrated images in the minor arcana. Many tarot readers begin with this pack before progressing to a deck of their own preference. I would not recommend the Lenormand style as they do not have an illustrated minor arcana. (6 of wands is just six wands = nothing for your intuition to tune into)

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