Grandma In Dream

by Maria

Last summer I was staying at my Grandma's and that's when all my dreams started to get more realistic and creepier. This one dream will always stick out in my head the most.

I was with my grandma and we were looking for tiles for her backyard patio. I looked up and saw an incoming storm. My grandma asked me a question which I didn't hear but then the last I saw of me was looking up. The dream goes to a boy and his little brother and mom running. Bombs are flying into the ground and killing people. People are running in chaos. The sky is a blood-red mixed in with black clouds. The boys and their mom run behind a pole. Somehow I felt like I was seeing things through the older boy's eyes and he said, "Mom come on we have to run. I feel like this place isn't safe right now." The mother says no they are fine there. Ignoring his mom he takes the little boy and runs and the mom gets hit with one of the bombs as she screamed for her boys to come back. They run towards like a safety bridge and grab a motorcycle and ride off on it.

That's when I woke up. I wasn't watching anything to have this dream. I really did feel like I was in the boy's eyes. I don't know if this is a dream about something random, or an old war or what, but all I knows is I would just like an explanation.

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Nov 28, 2014
How To Read The Signs
by: Ian

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Jul 06, 2010
for Maria
by: Emerald Eyed 1

I believe the bombs exploding represent you being angry or short fused. The warfare represents an invasion of your space, the target is the mother. Is your mother perhaps invading your space and making you angry? Riding a motorcycle suggests you wanting to control your own destiny and wanting to power your own progress in the world. Is any of this going on at home? I do not believe this was a prophetic dream of 2012. Let me know how close I am

Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous


I have had dreams lately of this same nature as well. In the past 3 months almost everyinght I have been dreaming of the future. In one of my dreams I was a man I knew I was I looked down I was tall with army clothing on and I was in a valley with civillians and I was running from bombs and helecopters etc. I ran into a fall out shelter where a girl dressed in pink was there. I said to her why am I here I am not this man I am a woman my name is bella. She said you are here to learn jsut do what I say. She told me about the weapons and said remember the types of weapons its important and act liek a soldier or they'll find u out. So she ushered me into another fall otu shelter then dissapered where my fellow officers were they all seemed to know me and pat me on the back. I walked in acted liek a man said yea hey i'm tired going to sleep. So I emptied my pockets and saw these strange looking weapons rthis weird looking gun.So I have had several dreams liek this and everytime the girl in pink is there.. Weird huh. Anyways I wrote it all down. I find that writing down your dreams does help process it and u might go back and find that those dreams have a common theme.

Jun 22, 2010
2012 not 2010
by: Maria

I meant 2012 not 2010. Sorry for the confusion.

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