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Ground Incinerating Dream

by M Cardenas
(Whittier California)

I can’t really explain my dream exactly, all I know is it was the ground incinerating and opening up with lava underneath it, after walking on it. Unless you laid a towel or something on the ground before walking or laying on it, it wouldn't incinerate.

The sky was bright, cloudy, and gloomy. I saw there were things in the sky like shooting stars or something. It was noticeable not just to me. Anyone who would have looked would have seen it. I remember feeling sad and worried because people I loved weren't aware of what was going on and were gone, because they had been incinerated into the ground with the lava.

Next thing I know the sky started moving fast, as if it was being rewound back in time to before these things had taken place, so I would be given the chance to warn my loved ones and other people on what was about to happen.

I woke up crying, I was balling so hard I couldn't stop crying for a while.

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