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Helen via Ouija

by Julia
(Philadelphia, Pa)

My mother and I were using my Ouija board on Halloween, a couple of years ago. When we got bored with asking random questions about the future, I (sort of jokingly) asked if there were any spirits in the room. It instantly said Yes. I asked for details.

The spirit said that her name was Helen, and that she died in a train crash near where I lived in 1856. She even told us she was a 35-year-old teacher.

I looked the information up on the internet later, and I was shocked to learn that everything she said checked out. There was a terrible train crash in Ambler, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1856, killing about 60 people. It was a train filled with Sunday School children and their teachers. And before you ask, there's no way my mother knew about this or set it up. She was too freaked out!

I tried to find Helen's name on the list of victims, but I couldn't find a complete list, and she never gave me a last name. I never heard from her again - I figure she just wanted someone to talk to.

You can find out about the crash if you just look up the Great Train Wreck of 1856 on Google.

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Oct 22, 2013
Don't mess with the ouija
by: Lanarkshire Psychic

As a psychic clairvoyant and spiritual healer, my advice to anyone would be not to touch a ouija board...ever!

There are mischievious and nasty earthbound entities out there who use ouija boards as a kind of open door and who prey on the gullible and the confused and once you let them in, they can become invasive and dangerous to your mental and emotional health.

Remember, in this world there are nice decent souls and downright nasty, wicked people who wouldn't think twice about doing someone harm. In the lower astral realms, its the same. There are wandering malevolent spirits looking for opportunities to satiate their desires vicariously (thru someone else). Jesus said this himself about 'demons' as he called them.

Yes....your loved one could be at your door, waiting on you contacting them....but so could any other unknown spirits, so stay away from the ouija board please.

If you want to contact a deceased relative or friend, then do so through a 'reputable' medium from your local spiritualist bodies.

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