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Hole in the Room of My Dead Sister

by Randy

This morning I dreamt that my two brothers and sister were digging a hole in the floor of the bedroom of my sister who died 2 1/2years ago. In the dream I walked into the room while they're digging and I can see a huge heap of mud that they have already dug and I didn't even question them as to what they were doing. My big brother and sister started arguing with me and say something about what they will tell the Court (I have no idea what they're talking about court). My 2nd brother kept grancharging to beat me up, so all three of them are now against me for what I don't even know. My mum and dad were nowhere in the dream.

I woke up and I'm feeling so uneasy. I'm the youngest of my brothers and sister, my older brother and sister do not live at home anymore. My 2nd brother is married and living in an apartment next door to our house but we don't talk each other. I would really like someone to help me explain this dream.

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