Houses Unknown

by Dannii
(Sydney, Australia)

I've had two dreams of two different houses I have never been in. First dream was late 2011, I dreamt of this run-down house that had an odd floor plan. I can describe each and every room from the carpet to the paint to the furniture. The funny thing is, a few days after I had this dream I was driving down a street by accident (wrong turn) and saw this house from my dream. I was/am so tempted to just go knock on the door and ask the person I I could have a walk through their house, LOL! But that would be weird...

Second dream was early 2012 of a house where I was abducted and taken to... Again it was a house that was rundown although this time it was under construction/renovations. Two days ago I was searching for houses on and came across this house. When I saw the first picture I got an eery feeling, but I didn't recognise it but then as I clicked to the second photo that was the exact room I was in in my dream! Even the speakers and lounge was the exact same... I am curious to call the real estate and find the address of this house as in my dream I got away and ran through a sporting field, the suburb this house is in has a sporting field.

Also, my father told me a story about when he was young he was hanging out playing soccer with these kids they just met. They all decided to go back to this girls house. When the girls father greeted them all at the door my father said he was overcome with a sense he had been inside this house. He started to tell everyone, including he girls father. My dad began describing everything in the house to the wall paper to the colour of the towels hanging up in the bathroom to the linen on the beds! The girls father sent my dad away telling him to never return or to come near his daughter or the house again!!!!

Does this mean anything??

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Jan 20, 2013
by: Dannii

I booked an inspection into the second house over the weekend and I didn't get no weird feelings going into the house or room I dreamt of being in. I have a weird sence where I am like a human compass, LOL - in my dream the room was facing north, whereas the actual room was facing west! The field that was close to this house was east to the house where in my dream it was north to the house. So I still don't know what this means. But it was interesting to get out there and suss it out!

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