Best Latin Tarot Love Cards Listed With Their Relationship Meanings

The Latin Tarot Love Cards that are most used in romance readings can be found in the Deck of Marseilles, which is one of the oldest and most traditional tarot decks. These cards originated in the City of Marseilles in Southern France, which were influenced by early French, Spanish, and Italian playing card packs.

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Why turn to Latin Tarot to find out about love?

Love, one of the most profound and mysterious emotions we experience, often leaves us with questions and uncertainties. Many of us yearn for reassurance and clarity when embarking on the journey of romance. A Latin tarot love reading can provide a deeper insight into our love life, acting as a reflective tool that can shed light on the dynamics of our relationships, potential compatibility, and the paths our hearts might take. When we find someone special, we naturally hope that they are our soulmate, our lifelong partner with whom every dream and aspiration can be realized. Seeking a tarot reading about love can offer guidance, helping us navigate the complex landscape of emotions and connections. It aids in understanding if the path we are on is destined for lasting happiness, or if challenges and growth opportunities lie ahead. It's not just about predicting an idealized future, but about empowering us with knowledge to make informed choices in our pursuit of true love.

What Are Your Best Cards In A Latin Tarot Love Reading?

So, what are the best Latin Tarot Love Cards for reading about relationships?

Some of the better cards, in a Latin tarot reading, for predicting relationships have been The Empress, The Hierophant, The Ten of Coins, The Nine of Cups, The Ten of Cups, The Three of Cups, and the Four of Batons. Here's why . . .

  • The Empress (III): This card represents fertility, nurturing, and abundance. In the context of love, it can signify a period of growth or the blossoming of a relationship.This is a great major arcana card to have drawn because it means a committed relationship for a long time. In the man´s spread the card meaning is he will find the woman of his dreams. It can also mean that he will find the woman meant to be the mother of his children.

  • The Lovers (VI): This is perhaps the most obvious card related to love, choices, and partnership. It can signify deep affection, soulmate connection, or a significant romantic decision. Drawing this card in a Latin tarot love reading can also suggest you have decision to be made about a relationship.

  • The Hierophant (V): This is the card that represents The Pope or High Priest which in a Love interpretation means pledges or vows. You are going to travel down the aisle with the one you truly love.

  • The World (XXI): Completion, unity, and fulfillment are themes of this card. It can point to a relationship reaching its full potential or the realization of a long-held romantic dream.

  • The Star (XVII): Hope, inspiration, and serenity are central to this card's symbolism. It can indicate a period of healing and renewal in love, or the introduction of a new romantic inspiration.

  • The Sun (XIX): Symbolizing success, joy, optimism, and happiness, The Sun is one of the most positive Latin tarot love cards. In the context of romance, it points to harmony, joy, and mutual understanding between partners.

  • The Ten of Coins:  This minor arcana card says that you will have a family with stability. It might mean that you will be financially stable in your marriage as well. There are those who take it as will be the way your marriage will be in the future or now with traditional family values.

  • The Ten of Cups: This is an indication that you will have a good family life filled with joy, love and the “Happily Ever After” type of marriage. Although the Tarot de Marseille doesn’t traditionally use the illustrative 'scenes' in the Minor Arcana as seen in modern decks like the Rider-Waite-Smith, the number 10 in the suit of Cups (or Chalices) often represents emotional fulfillment, joy, and family happiness in other Tarot traditions.

  • The Ace of Cups: Again, while the Tarot de Marseille might not depict a flowing cup, as with more modern decks, the essence of the Ace in the Cups suit typically stands for new emotional beginnings, love, and compassion.

  • The Nine of Cups: This is a sign of good luck and can indicate that you will enter into the marriage of your dreams. It also signifies that you will enjoy physical pleasure with your mate.

  • The Three of Cups: The time to celebrate because of an oncoming engagement or marriage. It can also mean the celebration of a pregnancy, perhaps the first child soon being born.

  • The Two of Cups: Represents mutual affection, partnership, and the beginnings of a romance or deep friendship.
  • The Four of Batons: In answer to a yes or no question this is the card in your spread represents celebration because you ARE getting married. In a reading it can suggest you are going on your honeymoon, or perhaps buying a new home. This is the card that tells you that this is committed love you will have for each other.

So now you know the tarot cards with the best meaning for love in the Marseille deck I will leave it to you and your deck to perform a free Latin Tarot reading. If you do not have the Marseille at hand you should be able to find them on Amazon.

Guest Post by Cristina Aguilar

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Your Best Latin Tarot Love Cards

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