by Jesse M.

I've been having dreams now for about a year maybe where I'll be in one place (mostly never knowing where I am) but I'm comfortable where I am.

Random events and what I do happen in my dreams, almost never making sense but to me it's normal. For example, driving in a vehicle with no one driving, or see something that in reality I know for a fact wouldn't happen but in the dream it's normal. Then I'll rather wake up from that dream into another still remembering the previous dream or go to sleep in that dream then wake up into another and thinking I'm awake.

This happens almost every night I can't control it. Even when I know that I'm dreaming and tell myself I'm dreaming, I usually just keep going with the dream, even if I'm not liking it, what is strange and upsetting to me is before these dreams started happening when I detected I was dreaming.

I always began to lucid dream and was euphoric the entire time, now it almost never happens.. what happened?

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