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Inside Palm Reading Secrets Revealed. - Do you want to learn what your hands can tell you about your personality with the ancient art of palmistry? Take a look inside palm reading and explore the universe residing within your own hands.

First of all, look at the shape of your hand. If your hand is round in shape, you’re an action-oriented person. You act before you think. This can sometimes cause you to land in a sticky situation, but you’re good at working things through in a crises situation. You’re best motivated under a crushing deadline!

Action people hate to wait around all day, waiting for something to happen. They get annoyed with people who take all day to make up their minds.

Now, if your Palm has an oval shape, it’s what, inside palm reading, I call the Conic Hand. It’s a beautiful hand and signifies that you are very emphatic. This is the ability to feel the emotions of others. It causes your aura to radiate a warm, sympathetic energy, which is attractive to the – well, the lost souls of the world. Emphatic people seem to attract the personal confessions of strangers. It would not be unusual if you are sitting at a bus stop, and someone sits next to you and starts telling you their life story.

At some point in your life, if you have the Conic Hand, you’ll begin to wonder why all your friends have so many problems. It’s kind of like being the ‘agony aunt’ in your social group.

If your hand is square, you’re a planner, a designer and a coordinator. You tend to be eminently practical, a little sceptical and a person to whom security will always be important. Square hands, inside palm reading, reveal the practical people of the world. If you are square handed you will not run off to join the circus!

Inside palm reading, finger length is important, too. If your fingers are long, you are very sensitive to details and perhaps a bit of a perfectionist. If your fingers are short, however, you tend to be a bit impatient and won’t want to be bothered with details

Now, let’s look at the lines of the hand for palm reading.

This is the Heart Line. It begins at the side of the hand and continue across the palm and can end in various places. If it ends under the first finger, it signifies a person who’s a little self-cantered and introspective. I call it, inside palm reading, the “Princess Line”. If your heart line ends under the second finger, you are someone who gives, and gives, and gives. This is called The Gift of Mercy, but it’s a pain in the neck kind of gift, because it means that you tend to put the need of others in front of your own.

Ideally, the heart line should end between the first two fingers, which signify a good balance between giving and receiving. It’s a fine, nurturing quality that is ideal.

Now, if your Heart line is straight, it means you have a Mental Heart line. It always indicates someone whose head gets involved in matters of the heart. Relationships must satisfy the head as well as the heart. But with a mental heart line you may over-analyse people rather than trusting your instincts.

If your heart line is curved, you have a Physical Heart line. People with this line are very romantic and idealistic. They always show what they feel because their feelings are always close to the surface. Sometimes too close!

In palm reading, this is your Head Line, and if it’s straight, it means you’re logical and technical.

If it’s curved, you’re creative and artistic. The length of the line determines your attention span and ability to concentrate.

If your headline forks, it means you can see both sides of an issue, and you will love debate. It is sometimes called a Writer’s fork or Lawyer’s fork.

This of course is your Life line. When reading your palm, your Life Line does not tell how long you will live; it gives an indication of how well you live.

Are you vibrant and alive or tired and weary all the time?

If your Life line sweeps out into the Plain of Mars it will make your restless so you will most likely seek independence and travel a lot. Inside palm reading, if your life line hugs close to your thumb, near the Mount of Venus it will draw you to stay at home and be a homebody. During your lifetime, if your lifeline is torn between Venus, with the desire to stay at home, and Mars, with push to come out and take on the challenges of the world, you will struggle between the need for security and the desire for independence.

  • L = Lower Mars
  • P = Plain of Mars
  • U = Upper Mars
  • V = Mount of Venus

Breaks in the Life line, inside palm reading, will indicate periods of illness or times when you feel like ‘life is on hold’. A fork at the end of your Life line is called a Traveller’s fork, and indicates an “itchy foot” and a desire to travel.

The Heart, Head, and Life lines are the three major lines of the hand studied inside palm reading. But the following, more volatile, line of the hands also holds amazing palmistry secrets.

The Fate line is sometimes called the Destiny or Saturn line and shows what forces go into centering your personality.

If your fate line starts close to the Life line, you’ll be a “people pleaser” early on in life, trying to meet the expectations of others.

If the line starts down on the heel of the hand, it’s called a “Neptune Line” and indicates that you’re a bit of an oddball, doing things your way and marching to the beat of a different drum.

If your fate line starts high in the hand, you’ll be a late bloomer. It takes you a little longer to find out who you are and what you want to do.

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