Kidnapped Dream

by VampireChay
(Leicester, England.)

Well, I was at the corner shop about 5 minutes away from where I live and I went outside to play in the snow, when a man called 'Werewolf' (Crazy name, I know) asked if I wanted to help him fix his car.

I got the idea that he was danger, so I went back inside the shop to stand with my grandma. About 3 minutes later, I went to check if he was gone, so I went back outside, and he was, he and his car were gone.

So I crossed the road to check that he was 100% absolutely gone, and looked back.

But then there he was. He was blocking the shop door with his body, his arms and legs extended so there was no way getting through the door.

So I kneeled down so I was not visible and texted my grandma saying "HELP, THERE IS A MAN CALLED WEREWOLF TRYING TO KIDNAP ME" But she thought I was joking, or she was tipsy, and texted back saying "I know! Monday football tomorrow!" and kept on replying with random things.

While I was kneeling there, I forgot about him, yet my heart was pounding. So when I looked back up, it went pitch black.

When images came back into my mind, I was laying on a red/brown concrete floor in a pitch black room, the man was kneeling above my head with a lighter in his hand, burning my eyeballs.

Every time the flames licked my cornea, it turned black but it didn't bring any pain to me, and he explained that they turned black.

There was no blood, and no, Werewolf, was not a werewolf. It was just his name.

And then I woke up...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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