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Marine Husband Returning With Girlfriend.

by Amber
(Kansas, USA.)

My husband, who is a US Marine, has been stationed in Japan and I have not seen him at all for the past 2 years. I'm expecting him home this month, and I’m very anxious.

Last night in my dreams, he came home to me, except he had brought back a girl who was also a Marine and apparently his girlfriend. I noticed I lived in a mansion with my parents, and although I knew in the dream we had a daughter together, (which we do), our daughter was nowhere in the dream.

My husband paid no attention to me in the dream, ONLY to his girlfriend. I was watching them kiss and touch each other on the bed, she had brunette hair like me, except hers was curly, she had glasses, I also have glasses, and I noticed she also had my butt, but she didn't look like me. Neither one of them acted as though I was his wife.

The girlfriend told me she was going to Vegas the next day, so in my mind I was thinking Okay she'll be out of the house and I'll be able to talk to my husband about what was going on, but when the time came for her to leave for Vegas, he was leaving with her, and he said bye to me, and I said where are you going? and he said to Vegas... and my heart sank. So I prepared to get a divorce.

Although I was devastated in the dream the whole time, I never said anything to either one of them. But in reality my husband is and has always been very faithful to me, I trust him and I don't believe he is fooling around where he is, but in the back of my mind the thought is there, because my ex-boyfriend had cheated on me.

I woke up and then went back to sleep, and had another dream I was walking around my room on the phone with my husband and I think he was crying and he told me to tell my mom that he was really sorry, and he apologized to me too and I asked him what he was sorry about, but I never got an answer then I woke up.

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May 02, 2012
Husband Leaving Me In Water
by: Veronica

I am always dreaming that my husband is leaving me in water, whether its a river that has burst its banks or a big gathering of water some where on dry land. Can anyone interpret this dream?

Dec 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness. thank you SO much for your comment. You hit the head on the nail with everything. We've been together almost 5 years. And He IS quiet & cranky haha. & he was gone a lot before he had to go. You put my mind at ease a bit here. thank you so much.

Dec 13, 2011
Let Me Help With Your Dream
by: Bre Morningstar

HI! I want to give you my take on it sweetie. My name is Bre. I am a clairvoyant medium, but I do many, many different things, including dream interpretation. This is my take on it.

I think those who guide you are trying to let you know he has changed. I think you both have. Change is not bad, but as humans we like to stay in our comfort zone. I don’t want to say all will be well, because I feel him being withdrawn and very quiet sometimes. When he is like this give him his space. After about two months I feel like everything will be back to a more normal life, it has something to do with an old friend. One other thing if I may. I feel how much you guys love each other. It feels like you have been together for five or six years. Maybe not quite that long, but there is a true comfort and peace that only comes from a real bond.

The other woman in the dream and them not paying attention to you is a fear you have from something prior. I don’t know when, but it feels like he had to leave, like he had been gone a lot even before he was gone. I don’t feel him cheating, but I feel your mind running all around it like crazy. It really feels like he doesn’t sleep well, too, which tends to make him cranky and you wondering what you did. Watch for that. He has a lot on his mind. So do you, but you are one smart cookie, stay a step ahead.

As far as him telling you he is sorry on the phone, I do feel like he has things to apologize for. You know what I mean. As kind and loving as he is, there are things you wish he had done differently. It feels like he has changed and is more grown up (he hates being told to grow up) and really wants to do the right thing. Someone wants you to know that he may do things when he gets home that you might also wish were done differently. You will know what I mean. (I give it as I get it).

Remember this – you are the prize. He is lucky to be in YOUR life. You are the queen of your kingdom and have a life and mind of your own. Being a wife, mother, and lover is what you do, not who you are. Your dream state tells me how much you miss him and how much you want to see him. You don’t want anything to change or ruin it. Let your mind rest. I know you get a lot of dreams where someone is trying to give you a heads up, but sometimes as you also know, the real message is between the lines, not in the picture show.

I hope this helps you. Good luck and God bless.

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