Maybe Dreams are Reality

by Judy

I was hoping someone could maybe explain some of this for me. I have had some very vivid dreams through the years. I'm 48 and have experienced the deaths of two children a son and a daughter both as infants, one stillborn and one due to placental abruption at 9 months. Plus 2 near death experiences myself. One dream has come true it was as if I was made to watch a lady I'd know since elementary school hang herself, every detail was very vivid within this dream only to find out through my mother a short time afterwards that she actually had at the time of my dream.

My dilemma now is a recent dream I had is about a child, a little girl who is murdered, stabbed to death while in the process of someone trying to rape her mother. She was maybe 3 or 4 years old and held on to my pinky so tight and through her I witnessed this. No name was mentioned but I remember vividly what she looked like. There were also other children from toddlers to 17 years in age who were also deceased but very much dead-but alive in this dream waiting to talk with me including a small dark haired little boy. It is also the only time I have ever mentioned my deceased daughters name in a dream or matter of fact to my knowledge dreamed of her at all.

I've also had several experiences I can only classify as dejavu such as sensing light bulbs exploding, or I've been here before kind of things. I'm really worried about this little girl if my dreams are coming true.

Please help me understand.

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