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Meanings of Dreams

The FREE meanings of dreams and their Psychic Messages I provide are shared here so that others can also learn to understand the psychic messages themselves. 

Harnessing the power of your night-time adventures.

To avoid exposing personal and sensitive information your confidentiality is maintained by my changing your name in the posting of your free dream interpretations on these pages.

This is not a therapy, merely an interesting exchange of ideas and experiences in the pursuit of understanding meanings of dreams and developing your psychic ability.

This is not a dream dictionary. Lexicons abound with what cats or cars or boats or bogeymen may mean in your dreams Always try to decipher what YOU think is the important message in the meanings of dreams yourself.

Although not openly talked about, most people are interested in understanding the meaning of their dreams. Psychic-Junkies like to know the psychic messages from their dreams. I hope that in taking the initiative to provide some psychic insight into meanings of dreams here, you will be able to pick up the lead and develop further your own psychic dream reading talent.

Understanding meanings of dreams can be quite complex. If you are just beginning to work out the psychic meanings of dreams be patient. A dream is a world of mysterious meanings, strange symbols, puzzling purposes and altered time and space. With experience, our inner dreamscapes become more familiar and we can bring meaning from their psychic messages, the meanings of dreams, into our everyday lives.

FREE psychic meanings of dreams.

He claimed he was cross dressing for a project in literature class.

I dreamt that I came home, and my roommate-who is a man-was dressed in a pair of women's black pants and a blue dressy shirt in high heels, make up and a blonde wig that looked like Little-Bo-Peep. He answered the phone and refused directions, saying he already knew the way. I asked him if he was talking like that on purpose, or if it was the clothes. He just shook his head yes. He claimed he was cross dressing for a project in literature class. He does not attend school-but I do. He had in his remaining outfits that he had to wear that night a tuxedo and a wedding gown with a veil.

Rachael – Ladson USA

  • Rachael, you may have lost your way somewhere at school. A project you may be working on may need to be revised or looked at from an opposite view point. If not a project perhaps a change of direction. Do you need to re-evaluate the direction you are working towards? Think of what comes naturally to you. Are you studying for your own passion or are you fulfilling someone else’s dream? There is a message here about changing roles.

Ian's psychic meanings of dreams.

I could hear the bear's breathing and I knew he was close.

I was in a forest cabin, on a computer surfing the web at night. Then I went to bed and woke up in the morning. After breakfast I went outside to enjoy the beauty of the forest and I went for a walk. Actually, I didn't go far; I could still see my cabin just a few feet away. Some woman was talking to me asking how a city girl like me liked it out here? I told her I was happy for the internet and the only thing that bothered me was the noise last night. "Oh..." she said "that would be the bear." Suddenly a ranger comes out of a nearby cabin and starts talking all about the bear. The only part I got was that the bear lived down a certain trail and as he pointed down the trail I could see a grizzly bear. The ranger is going on about how dangerous grizzlies are and to avoid them but to especially avoid the bear. He tells me the bear is huge even for a bear and before he tells me anymore I smile and point "Like that one?" He looks in the direction where I'm pointing and jumps obviously startled. "What's he doing? He usually comes out at night." I watch fascinated as the bear sniffs the air and casually walks around a bend on the mountain trail. Slowly and quietly I follow. The ranger comes with me telling me I'm crazy, that I shouldn't bother a wild animal until I shushed him. I needed to listen. We came near the bend and I didn't turn right away. I could hear the bear's breathing and I knew he was close.

The ranger knew as well and he was especially quiet. Soon I heard the bear's footsteps as he lumbered on down the trail. When I heard no more I looked beyond the bend and saw a round clearing and at the edge of it, an abandoned Ranger station. There seemed to be another trail past the station and in between two pine trees. Quickly the ranger jumps out in front and tells me we cannot go past the station. At the station I look down the trail and see an abandoned mine. The ranger became confident again and started talking about there being three bears living in the old mine and as he talks I see five bears near the mines, which I say. "What!?¡" the ranger says indignantly "there's three bears. Always have been and always will be." I begin to protest but he interrupts saying "Didn't you also see 'em white bears too? Betcha don't see no white bears now, do ya? So, don't go telling me about no five bears neither." The ranger kept going on in this manner and especially about the big bear. How dangerous he is especially because he isn't afraid of people. I was only half listening. My attention was on the very bear he talked about and the other four grizzlies. I heard the bear speak. He spoke to the other bears and they got up and went down to the mine. I stepped about two feet past the station and the ranger stopped talking as he saw the bear walking up towards me. The bear stood up on his hind legs and at a terrifying height bellows at me that I may not enter here. The ranger jumps between us and says "Don't worry I'll scare him back." and I think to myself rather annoyed it's a bear. The bear looks annoyed with the ranger as well. The ranger hollars and moves his arms around trying to "scare the bear". I look directly at the bear and in a surprised tone I say "You can talk!" The bear equally surprised says "And you listen?" He goes down on all fours again and gently bats the ranger aside. The ranger yells no as he is sure the bear will attack me and is surprised when the bear simply walks past me. I smile at the ranger and the bear grunts for me to follow, so I do. The bear takes what looks like a deer trail down the mountain. It looked like a difficult path but it wasn't. We came to a river then the bear turned into a man and we were at a city. "There will be a change coming" he said "Will you be ready?" "I hope so" I reply. "Prepare yourself." He tells me.

Mary-Ann - Stockton, USA

  • Mary-Ann, Your spirit guide the bear is telling you to prepare for changes. Not airy fairy changes but real life nuts and bolts changes. Being able to understand your bear guide when so-called experts can’t indicates you can rely on your own psychic insight and you don’t need to seek advice from others. I’d recommend you meet this bear guide in future meditations and develop an ongoing relationship with him. You can expect a leadership role to be offered to you quite soon. Or if that has already been presented then the message would be to accept it now. I think you would be successful as a psychic in your own right. Are you already?

Ian's psychic meanings of dreams.

meanings of dreams

Some fortunate people know the meanings of dreams quickly they have harnessed the power of what I call ‘psychic dreaming’ otherwise known as 'lucid dreaming'. Unlike 'normal' dreams which are hazy, confused and often forgotten the second you wake up, psychic or lucid dreams are special. In a lucid dream you are 'awake within the dream'. You know you're dreaming, yet the world around you seems as 'real' as the one you're in now. It will seem as real as anything you have ever done ... and you'll remember meanings of dreams in the morning too!

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