Mindful Rituals To Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Which mindfulness rituals will enhance my meditations?

You probably know that meditation is one of the most effective spiritual practices when done right. Yet, it’s not easy, and we often struggle to calm the mind and become an observer of thoughts. We often turn to guided meditation, ambient music, and other supplementing factors. And for a good reason! These additional elements help us in unique ways to achieve the deeper states of meditation and make the practice a bit easier. Including aromatherapy, smudging, mantras, and crystals in your rituals are some of the best ways to enhance your meditation practice in a mindful, spiritual, and inspiring way. 

Enhance Your Meditation With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a separate world on its own. This holistic treatment comes in various forms, methods, and practices, from essential oils, smudging, and topical skin applications to bath bombs and beyond. Mainly, aromatherapy is used for stress relief and relaxation, which relates to meditation perfectly.

For meditation, relaxing scents from nature work the best. So, if you do enjoy aromatherapy and want to uplift your meditation practice, consider these three options:

Diffuse Essential Oil

Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, and many other elements of nature. While some oils can be used for the skin or bathing, it is best used when diffusing the scent for meditation.

Here are some of the best scents to enhance your meditation:

  • Levander for its excellent calming properties.

  • Peppermint for its ability to improve focus.

  • Sandalwood for its ability to give more mental clarity.

Most importantly, if you have a flavor or scent that you enjoy personally, use it without hesitation during your meditations.

Mindful Rituals Enhance Meditation

Smudging Enhances Meditation

Smudging has been a part of various cultural and spiritual traditions for hundreds of years – it‘s an ancient purification ritual practiced initially by Native Americans and many other cultures.

It involves igniting a bundle or braid of dried herbs and waving the smoke to purify yourself or the space around you, enhancing your body, mind, and soul.

The involvement of visual elements such as smoke and natural scents can surely inspire you to meditate more and do it better.

Here are the best smudging herbs and trees for meditation:

  • Palo Santo is a historic sacred tree that has a unique scent that is different for everyone. For some, palo santo wood gives off an aroma of coconut or amber, while for others, it has notes of mint, vanilla, or even leather. 

  • Sage or White Sage is one of the most common and popular bundles used in aromatherapy to improve intuition and relieve stress. It has a neutral woodsy and earthy smell that is perfect for meditation. 

  • Sweetgrass is said to attract positive energies and can align your kind intentions with the meditation practice. It has subtle hints of vanilla and sweetness that will make your meditation time a bit more pleasant and cozy. 

Meditation Ritual With Mantra Repetition

The word “Mantra” comes from Sanskrit, meaning “to release the mind.” And there’s even a separate meditation method known as “Mantra meditation.”

Saying and repeating a particular mantra may help you concentrate and eliminate an unwanted stream of random thoughts.

However, a mantra will only be effective if you truly believe the idea behind it or if it has personal meaning for you. Therefore, make sure to create the mantra that is unique, impactful, and important to you. 

You can also use ancient and powerful chants such as OM that are time-tested and will act as a powerful meditation tool.

Best Natural Crystals And Stones To Meditate With

Natural crystals and stones are other elements that can positively contribute to your meditation time. And it is all about feeling the comfort of the natural mineral or making the meditation space feel more cozy and welcoming. 

Crystals have the power to inspire and change how we approach spiritual things and practices.

Here are the best crystals for meditation:

  • Rose Quartz is all about that soft pink color that will inspire a feeling of bliss and self-love during meditation.
  • Labradorite properties are excellent for those who enjoy a little mystic and rainbow colors in their meditation space.
  • Selenite crystal is believed to be a cleanser of the soul and mind. And its blank white surface can represent a blank page where you can start rewriting your meditation story. 

Crystals and stones are also a convenient bonus for meditation at work. You can carry a few of your favorite crystals, use them as rubbing stones, and meditate with them at work.


Meditation will allow you to drift away and become separate from your thoughts and emotions, giving you a well-deserved break from everything. With any of these mindful rituals, you’ll be able to refocus your awareness and sharpen your concentration. It is all about creating something that you genuinely enjoy and a practice that will undoubtedly improve your meditation!

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