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My Awakening

by Louise

I look back now and within my life there were many moments that I cannot nor wish to explain, rather I denied or expressed only for that moment to just be what it was and no more.

As I reach my thirties, I am becoming acutely aware of an ability to sense spirits, to feel that I am not alone in a room, too often seeing these spirits not always in their human form but white or grey streaks that pass before me. I can be in a house and within a room and get such an overwhelming sense of dread and horror that I need to leave immediately. However there are other times it is peaceful experience and I can acknowledge that spirit in a calm manner. Why is it though when I do see a spirit in full form that they always have their back to me, I can never see their face? I have so many questions.

In the last twelve months I am being given visions, things that are yet to come. They are rarely profound and serious but really only show me what may be going to occur in the next 15mins, 30mins or few hours. I was in hospital recently, overnight and the next morning I was in a room with two other ladies. I kept getting a vision of a white haired toddler standing at the end of Desley's bed. Within an hour a beautiful white haired boy of no more than 18 months was escorted into the room by his father. It was Desley's grandson coming for a visit. If I had known what I was been shown, if I had trusted my first instinct on being given this vision I could have told Desley she was getting a visitor.

Alternatively I might be shown a picture or vision of my son lying in a hospital bed with drips coming out of arms and looking quite ill, then a few hours he comes down with a nasty vomiting bug. They are not always what they are supposed to be and some need deciphering however most of the time these visions are 98% accurate in their delivery of the actual event. Am I an Indigo Adult? I think so. Do I feel like I fit in with my surroundings and my world, not one bit, do I feel like I have a higher purpose (to help others). Frustratingly so, because I don't know what that is. Am I am angry with the world I live in? All the time.

I think I need some guidance and training, I feel rather lost most of the time in these dealings but I am learning to trust my first instinct. Any guidance would be appreciated!!! I am not interested in pursuing a psychic career. Rather how can I develop what is happening to me so I can help those I love most. I think my son may be an Indigo child. There have been instances whereby I am sure he has been visited by spirits just from the way he is talking. "Mummy a little girl was just looking over my shoulder while I was playing with my toys", as he said this I could picture in my mind a girl about 5 with possibly shaven hair in a gorgeous pink dress. I asked him what she was wearing and he said " a lovely pink dress, mummy". My son is highly sensitive and I feel a very old soul, he is highly affectionate, serious and anxious and is not taking well to school at all.

I also carry with me an impending sense of doom or great change, I have spoken to some psychics and a palm reader of who I have been seeing for years (and there accuracy has been astonishing), I have spoken of these feelings to them and they concurred the same feeling, that there are significant changes about to occur within the world. I feel like I should be stockpiling food or something, or buying more camping equipment. How silly is that?

I have had experiences of spirits standing at the end of my bed just as I am going to sleep, dark human shadows. I don't know why they are there. What do I say to them?My dad is with us all the time, at home. My husband the complete sceptic has even seen him.

I cannot relate well to others, regarding these experiences but I am known as the un qualified psychologist in my circle of friends and a baby whisperer LOL. Lastly, I feel I know when my awakening began. I met a lady once who spoke to spirits, I had not yet exchanged words with her but could see amazing layers of light around her, and could hear a mass of voices as if they were at the height of conversation before a topic changed. NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE EVER.

I asked her about this, thinking I needed to check in with a GP later that day (thought I might have a brain tumour LOL) and her comment was "welcome to my world, you just heard what I hear every day all day, dead people speaking to me asking me questions all the time, thing is I have learned to turn it off, can you?"

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Mar 07, 2012
youre not alone
by: Anonymous

I sence and hear spirits alot too lately. Along with an extra sence to see the possible future. It started with my dreams b 4 911 happened then every year since, they stopped comming in about 2 yrs ago. My latest message was to "Prepare prepare prepare!" I often pass off the voices as my own thought, but it has been porven to me time after time that it is not just my own thought.
Its like this,: My husband and I just inherited a house from his grandmother whome just passed, God bless her soul! Anyways she has had spirits living there for quite some time, good spirits. However they do not always like the company! Like her grandson who was living with her did nothing to help out with household chores and mostly bought groceries for himself, although he does have some good points, dont get me wrong. He does, however, have a fear of ghosts and while some of them may not like him , I think they like to mess with him! They pretty much scared him out of the house. They do like us though, I do feel welcome there, but hear them almost constantly there, where I dont hear them where Im at now. So I know the chatter i hear there Must be real! I can sence them, hear them, and see only orbs or instant shadowes, like someone just walked by.

Mar 06, 2012
by: Art

I'd leave a comment, but I'm lazy to read it all :)
No, dead do not talk, they're dead. You hear spirits ;)

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