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My Ex-boyfriend's Son

I had a dream that woke me crying. I have been upset ever since. My ex-boyfriend's son tapped me on my forehead like he was waking me up. He was crying, he told me his dad didn't love him anymore and he was scared of the horse lady. I asked him why he was scared and he said let me show you.

It was like he took me to an apartment. He was there with his dad and a lady. His dad left the room and the lady grabbed the boy by the arm and started yelling at him. She said when I am around you better stay away from your father. You go in another room and play you little effin brat.

After he showed me this he slowly started disappearing but he was crying and said help me.

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Dec 03, 2013
Ex's dream
by: Ms. Starr

I feel that on some level you have attached yourself to the boy. You are concerned that if his father finds another women, that she may not want the child. She may harm the child, if not physical, emotionally. You need to know weather or not the child is safe. Call your Ex and just say you were thinking about he and his son. Ask how they are doing and are they happy. If you feel he is receptive remind him that any relationship he may have, that the boy should be first in his life. And the women he ends up with should love the child as much as he does. Tell him that they would be lucky to have a child like his in their life.

I hope this helps.

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