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Nightmare after Meditation

by Rajdeep
(Leeds, UK)

Can you interpret this dream?

Can you interpret this dream?

I had mediated and fallen asleep with the meditation music on... in my dream my phone got stolen from this guy. I was near these woods and had fallen into a ditch and a guy was stood there, I asked for help but he did nothing and I realised my phone was gone. I managed to get myself up and I saw he had ny phone, so I tried to tackle him and get my phone my back.

He let it happen and I ended up finding a gun on him. And then that’s when he tried to turn on me but I managed to get it away from me and I pulled the trigger but there were no bullets.

Then I’m home. The same guy breaks in. I’m like wtf get the fuck out. I’m downstairs in my living room. He attacks me and sticks a needle into my ankle, I’m halfway up the stairs I run into my brother rooms and lock the door, I’m leaning against the door feeling drowsy and I realise what this attacker has done to me. My brother is in the room and he’s ready for work and I tell him ring the police and he does. But he isn’t panicking he’s really calm.

By that point I realised I was in a dream and woke myself up. It was strange because it’s the second time I’ve mediated and had a nightmare after.

It felt so real. It was 4am when I woke up.

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