Not Self Dream

by Amanda
(Independence MO)

The first thing that throws me off about a recent dream I had was that I was not myself in this dream. Literally I was someone else. This is the first time I have had this occur in a dream and it was extremely realistic.

In the dream I was in a bedroom that resembled my bedroom but it was different and I was a baby. I’m not sure if boy or girl but I know I was not myself in this dream. I just know I was somebody else.

I get the impression I was about 2-3 months in age and the dream began with the view looking up out of a bassinet. I had the mentally for this age in the dream as well. I did not think in any language, I just felt emotions.

Suddenly I could not breath. The emotions still overwhelm me when I recall this dream. Panic then fear and the uncertainty of what is even going on combined with the helplessness of not being to physically help myself were extremely overwhelming as I die in this dream.

I have never had a dream wake me up with such a troubled feeling because all I could think was I just felt what it is like for a baby to die of SIDS and it was extremely terrifying and it breaks my heart to think any innocent baby experiences what I did in this dream.

The dream was so unusual I really do feel like there is a strong importance behind it, I just do not know what exactly.

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