Numbers Dream Of My Death

by Emeka
(Bergamo,Lombardia, Italy)

Dream of been present a my death and seeing a number 26/36
I had two very brief dreams on the same night, just 3 days to my birthday. In the first dream I was condemned to death by execution and surprisingly I was at the same time present at this event with so many other people that I have never met before.

The second dream, two digit number 26 appeared in front of me just a bit over head but upfront, then another number 36 appeared to my right on a parallel line with the other number at the same height and distance from me. The number 26 showed up first, it drew all my attention, but suddenly in a flash of a second the two numbers 26/36 were connected to a simple mechanism that shot 26 into 36, a kind of mix up, mix up and that was the end.

Both dreams were separate but the same night. An interpretation will be highly appreciated.

Much love- Emmy.

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