Other World Princess

by Sabrina

Princess Dreams

Princess Dreams

I was having a very odd dream one night, I felt like something was amiss. I woke up in an elegant bed with people surrounding me smiling and whispering. Then a very handsome man walked over to me and spoke, “Good morning Princess,”

I felt very afraid of the people surrounding me, and then I said something I didn't intend. “Please go back to your jobs servants”, I was shocked at what I said and expected to see them stay. But they left quickly. The man I saw before helped me stand and held me up. The man kept on talking but I didn't listen. The place I was in felt so familiar, like home.

“Where is this place?" I asked. The man laughed and looked at me, “The Kingdom of Light, you have lived here all your life Princess,” he told me. I was puzzled at this and was about to say I wasn't the princess but I woke up.

That morning I found something like a tattoo on my left hand. It looked like a angel's wings with the halo above it. It's been there ever since the dream.

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