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Ouija Board Disaster

by Claudia
( QLD, Australia)

My step sister and I invited over some friends to sleep over. I invited two friends, but only one could come. My sister invited two and both could come. We were messing around and having fun, when we decided to do a ouija board.

I can see ghosts, and everyone there knew that already. I think we made some ghosts mad though, because there is a ghost in my room that will not leave.

That night, we got really scared of the ghost, so we ripped up the ouija board (I don't have a real ouija board, so I make them out of paper) and flushed it down the toilet. When we had done that, I realised that we hadn't said goodbye. I was making a video at the time and I have proof of the whole thing.

It was my friend and I that threw the ouija board down the toilet, and when we came back my sister and her friends were crying because they we sitting on my bed, and on the wall behind them were scratches.

Also, my sister's laptop wasn't working and still isn't right now. In the morning, I had a scratch on my ankle and I didn't know where it came from.

Still this day, I don't know how to rid of this ghost. Please e-mail me at if you know how to get rid of ghosts.

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May 25, 2012
Face your fear
by: Anonymous

I would talk to him/her/it.

Some ghosts are not there to harm you but have an important message. Some ghosts are not ghosts, but spirits.

I've met some that seemed scary or harmful at first, but they just had an important message, and talking to them provided not only healing for them to move on, but deeper insight on my own life as well. Prayer, holy water, etc. may or may not work(I had one case where I just moved to another location, nothing helped).

Some spirits just move on and we miss out on a message of love/healing due to our own fear of the unknown.

Dec 08, 2010
Get rid for good
by: Anonymous

Firstly accept Jesus into your life wholeheartedly and repent form all your sins and then say I command you to go in Jesus christ name and dont stop praying to Jesus all the time every night read Psalms 91 and they will have no choice but to go. Ghost are demon spirits i know lots of ppl who will disagree but i am speaking from years experience being haunted and tormented by these beings for years. Try it and see you've got nothing to loose.. apart form a few demon spirits lol.

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