Authentic Ouija Board Stories
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These real-life Ouija board stories, with the many lessons learned, will either encourage or discourage you.  You can learn how to make one while also realizing the full consequences of their use.

There is a lot of negativity surrounding the Spirit Board. But this tends to come from the energy of those who do not put their finger on the planchette. Here's the blunt truth. If you are a negative person you will tend to come up with all sorts of crap about all sorts of things. If you are enlightened with positive mind, you will come up with positive and helpful insights on all sorts of things.

Ouija Board Stories

Scary is not necessarily negative.

I remember playing with the Talking Board, as a kid back in England, we would scare the beejeepies out of each other with all sorts of stuff and nonsense.

Then in early adulthood I had been drawn back to the board with office work-mates. Again I had the beejeepers scared out of me, but this time it was not stuff and nonsense. It was fascinating that the three of us, each with just one finger on any piece of furniture in the office, as light as you would place on a planchette, would have tables and chairs lifting and flying around the room in phantasmagorical style. There certainly is an energy when a group of like minds lightly connect in a spirit board fashion. 

There were a couple of messages from those early Ouija wanders that strongly influenced me over the rest of my life. Things like moving to Australia and avoiding the Middle East.  While I have fond memories of my own true Ouija board stories, after developing my psychic ability in later life, I’ve never been drawn back to using a board for spirit communication.

Your Ouija Board Stories and Comments 

My Ouija Board Disaster - by Claudia (QLD, Australia)
My stepsister and I invited over some friends and after winding each other up with our Ouija board stories we decided to do a seance. I can see ghosts, and everyone there knew that already. We were all being silly, and I think we made some ghosts mad, because there is now a ghost in my room that will not leave. I just don't know how to get rid of this ghost.

  • Face Your Fear - by Anonymous
    Some ghosts are not there to harm you but have an important message. Some ghosts are not ghosts, but spirits. I've met some that seemed scary or harmful at first, but they just had an important message, and talking to them provided not only healing for them to move on, but deeper insight on my own life as well.

Halloween Helen On Ouija Board - by Julia (Philadelphia, PA)
We were telling Ouija board stories on Halloween. When found our board but got bored with asking random questions about the future. So I (sort of jokingly) asked if there were any spirits in the room. It instantly said Yes. I asked for details. The spirit said that her name was Helen, and that she died in a train crash near where I lived in 1856. She even told us she was a 35-year-old teacher. I looked the information up on the internet later, and I was shocked to learn that everything she said checked out. There was a terrible train crash in Ambler, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1856, killing about 60 people. It was a train filled with Sunday School children and their teachers. I tried to find Helen's name on the list of victims, but I couldn't find a complete list, and she never gave me a last name. I never heard from her again - I figure she just wanted someone to talk to. You can find out about the crash if you just look up the Pennsylvania Great Train Wreck of 1856 on Google.

From Ouija Board Beginnings - by Paula Briggs (Ocean Park, WA)
It all started when I was a teen and at my Aunt's home for the weekend. I was playing with a Ouija Board. I interrupted my Aunt to ask her if she knew anyone named Estie. On the Ouija, my great Aunt Estie (whom I didn’t even know existed), told me that Uncle John (whom I didn’t know existed) was sick with lust. Estie wanted my Aunt to call John because he left her home alone dying from cancer while he chased Mary (his now wife). That all turned out to be true. From my Ouija board beginnings, I've been a Psychic Clairvoyant for 25 years now. I have contacted my spirit guide to answer the hard questions for people searching for answers to change their life in a positive direction.

Solo Ouija Talking Board - by Rev. Priestess Calister (Jonesboro, GA)
I use an instrument called a Talking Board which has been designed especially for me. It has alphabets, punctuation and numbers. The difference in what I do is that I use it solo. I use a pendulum which is tied to my finger allowing it to dangle, I then place the pendulum over the Talking Board and without any effort from me (remember the pendulum is tied to my finger I do not hold it) the pendulum swings from letter to letter spelling out words, giving answers to your questions in sentences and phrases.

Ouija Board Wise Guy - by Louis (Denver, CO)
I was at a party where the hostess was telling Ouija board stories and nagging everybody to try out her Ouija. She finally wore me down and the two of us were doing the usual - asking silly questions with her laughing at the mostly meaningless stuff that was coming through. Finally, as we were about to quit, I asked it a question mentally. The pointer started to move, but I could not see the letters well since they were turned her way and the place was badly lit. The pointer stopped moving after a few letters. She looked at me and said: "What did you ask it?" I told her "I asked it how things looked from that side". She says: "It says 'DEAD'." She did not bother me with her Ouija board stories after that.

Don't Mess With The Ouija - by Lanarkshire Psychic
As a psychic clairvoyant and spiritual healer, my advice to anyone would be not to touch a Ouija board...ever! There are mischievous and nasty earthbound entities out there who use Ouija boards as a kind of open door and who prey on the gullible and the confused and once you let them in, they can become invasive and dangerous to your mental and emotional health. Remember, in this world there are nice decent souls and downright nasty, wicked people who wouldn't think twice about doing someone harm. It’s the same in the lower astral realms. Yes.... your loved one could be at your door, waiting on you contacting them.... but so could any other unknown spirits, so stay away from the Ouija board please. If you want to contact a deceased relative or friend, then do so through a 'reputable' medium.

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