Past Life Murder Dream

by Kendra Mae Ansersen
(Elizabethton TN Carter County)

I believe in past lives or cell memories, whatever you would like to call them. When I was in Eighth grade I suddenly realized there was another world... For many years my mom has kept a dark secret about me. When I entered my freshman year of High School... I started having flashbacks of another life. Some came while sleeping other while awake. I have always been told I had a huge destiny to fulfil.

If Reincarnation does exist would those not have to have gone back to the wars between heaven and hell or the wars with the gods??

Anyway. When I dreamed it was of my Engagement Ball to a nonhuman male he has black wavy hair pale skin and fully emerald green eyes and huge black feathered wings Ones that look like children except they have one colored eyes no pupils or whites with wings of every color. It was in a Medieval Castle Room with a string band and red curtains blocking the outside.

Everywhere I turn I see nonhuman faces but they look human some had bird beak noses but it was formed from skin some had scales and wings. I was wearing a beautiful Black and Gold brocade corset velvet dress with gold gloves. I had long Black hair and red pouted and full lips. My eyes were violet.. and I had Petal pink wings. Like a Fairy. I was sitting on a chaise lounge waiting for my fiancé to meet me. One of my guards (wearing a long black robe his face was not showing all I could see was his blood red eyes) walked up to me and handed me a glass of wine. I drank the wine and then a woman walked up to him and started whispering in his ear that it was done and they had succeeded. My fiancé came and caught me just as I fell to the floor. Guards then surrounded the people next to me. My fiancé’s father had seen the whole of what had happened. He whispered in my ear “your life is not finished it has just begun”.

Then I awoke on earth as a newborn in my mother's arms.

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