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Sorting the Pros from the Cons

Before engaging Phone Psychics, follow these simple guidelines to find sound psychic insight from the pros and avoid being taken for a ride by the con artists and charlatans. 

There are accurate, professional telephone psychics and unfortunately there are psychics who are just plain con artists.

Pros = Professional and accurate.

Cons = Con artists and charlatans.

It’s a shame that scoundrels exist in psychic circles just as they do in any area of life but if you can follow these simple guidelines you can avoid being taken for a ride by a psychic charlatan.

Promises, Promises. The tricksters don’t care how they hook you (and your money) and they will promise you the world to get your call and cash.

Avoid the psychics who claim they can predict your lotto numbers. If they could they would have predicted the winning numbers for them selves and by now be basking on a desert island drinking spirits instead of channeling them! By the way, psychics do sometimes predict winning lotto numbers. 

Phone Psychics

Beware the con psychics who traverse the line from ‘seeing’ what will happen to ‘making’ what you want happen. Dismiss the con psychics adverts that claims “I will make your lost love return. Guaranteed– call now!” …yea right!! ‘Seeing resolution is very different from creating resolution. Success can be CREATED BY YOU but not ‘for you’ by the con psychics.

When I’ve seen a couple’s resolution in a reading there has, often times, been the help of the counselor who helps the couple CREAT the desired outcome. I would have brought that to the attention of the client, by asking if he / she were already working with a relationship counselor or such like and if not, that it looked like help was being sought with a counselor or therapist. A pro psychic can never ‘make’ a lost love return.

Another expose for con psychics is fear and fatality. Tragedy is a charlatan’s hook. Not only can the con phone psychics use tragic visions to frighten you, they can use tragedy to enthrall you just like the cheap TV soap operas do for many. The pro phone psychics will have empathy and can deal well with change and trauma in ways that do not create panic with their clients.

Con psychics are out to stretch your reading past certain time limits. They will try to escalate your interest with nonsense and unrelated information that may well sound impressive but is actually meaningless mumbo jumbo. Certain less ethical psychic lines, predominantly with access via premium numbers only, make the readers elongate the time by only paying the reader if they stretch you past 15 or twenty minutes. On pro psychic phone lines if the psychic can answer your question in five minutes he or she will. The pro knows that in being accurate and straight to the point you will most likely return.

Ye Olde Phone Psychic Bureau

Question the psychics who ask too many questions. But don’t be silent, even the best phone psychics need to have the psychic pump primed and that is usually done with a few pertinent questions. But if you are met with a barrage of questions you may have one of the con psychics with cold reading techniques. Cold reading is a technique used by salespeople, interrogators, con psychics, and con artists to convince you that they know more about you than they actually do. Just hang up and find a pro.

But it’s also important for you to keep an open mind when finding your pro phone psychics. Bad readings will eventuate if you are blocked and too closed off. Being very skeptical at the outset tightens up your aura, closes you energetically and results in you wasting your money.

The best readings with phone psychics are those with good interactions between both the clients and the phone psychics.

Psychic Phone

Set the best possible atmosphere by choosing the time of day when you are least likely to have interruptions or any other disturbance.

Prepare your mood and attitude with this little ritual. Light a candle and keep it in full view during your readings with psychics over the phone. This will act as an ongoing symbol of clarity and focus while you interact with your psychic.

For me the light of the candle flame can represent the Great Power of All That Is – The Great Spirit, Gaia, God or whatever name you prefer. I don’t believe in a negative force, such as the concept of a devil, instigated by religions to maintain control over their people. After all there is only the one power; that of the Light. You can turn on a light in a darkened room and the room is illuminated. But you cannot turn on the dark in an area of light. You can block out the light of course but the resulting darkness is just a lack of light. There is NO power of darkness, just the lack of light. Evil people are not empowered by a satanic force, they just lack light.

Before calling your psychic make a list of the questions you would like answered. This keeps your intention clear and helps the psychic to tune into your clarity. If you call and you are very confused and unclear, your reading from the phone psychics will be unclear to you too.

Having an intention is quite different from having an expectation. Your intention may be to heal a relationship, but an expectation that the psychic will tell you when your ex love is returning may be setting yourself up for disappointment. The psychic may see you in a healed and loving relationship in the not too distant future. But it may or may not be with the person you expect. Or perhaps the ex love is seen returning, but that may not mean your relationship is healed and problem free. The more open you are on expectation yet narrow on intention the better the reading.

Psychic Flame

Readings with pro psychics via the phone can be a fun and empowering experience that will lift your spirits.

Allow the light of the candle flame to illuminate your soul and bring the Great Power of All That Is into the essence of your interaction with your chosen psychic.

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