Preclaiming Awakening

by Dillon Watson

One who has waited, one who has been unsure, only one will be chosen. You have felt a strong feeling that has pulled you and pulled you your entire life. You are pure mentally spiritually and for the most part physically, though no one is perfect and everyone will sin. You have sinned, but as you did you immediately asked for forgiveness.

You are not perfect, but you are very special, you have a unique gift that is yet to be discovered. You experienced a small taste of your gift when you were young. But now is the time where you will no longer be waiting. And, soon to come, you will no longer be unsure. Because you are the only one that has been chosen in a very long time, one will come to help guide you, to teach you, and to strengthen you.

Your guide is on their way, you must be willing to learn quick, and you already have been working on your strength. But you must understand that the prophecy is inside you, and with time and training you will soon discover your full potential.

Dillon Watson

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Oct 07, 2012
I experience this
by: Anonymous

I experience this, this psychic must have been choosen by the heavens!

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