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Predicting Love With Tarot Cards - The Easy To Do-It-Yourself Guide

Does predicting love with tarot cards work?

  • Predicting romantic situations with tarot cards can be a deeply insightful and meaningful practice you can try for yourself. There's a richness in the symbolism and interpretation of tarot cards that can offer valuable insights into one's romantic life. They provide a framework for exploring emotions, desires, and potential outcomes in matters of the heart. Moreover, reading your tarot cards can offer guidance and clarity, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your own needs and desires in relationships.

As the saying goes, everyone wants to be loved. Mostly everyone would enjoy being in a truly loving relationship. Finding - or maintaining - such a relationship is not always easy. Asking for advice never hurts. People's opinions, however, may be biased or short-sighted. Tarot cards are not limited by such attitudes. In fact, these cards are exceptionally helpful in guiding someone towards love in an unbiased way. Predicting love with tarot cards can simply tell the tale as it is.

No one wishes to waste time in a relationship that is going nowhere. Unfortunately, without the right guidance, it is hard to see where the relationship really is headed. The great value in predicting love with tarot cards is the process can provide a meaningful amount guidance capable of leading someone down the right path.

Predicting Love With Tarot Cards

Perhaps you are concerned about past relationships that were failures. Be mindful – the way to the future lies in the past. A quick glance at your cards may illuminate something in your past relationship patterns that will help you make positive changes in future romantic relationships.

Is your current relationship ‘stuck’? Is your partner cheating on you? What do the cards show about the future of this relationship? Are you even invested in the right relationship? Will he pony-up with a ring? Is she my forever love? Predicting love with tarot cards can hold the answers to these and other romantic quandaries.

A Do-It-Yourself Guide For Predicting Love With Tarot Cards

Performing a predictive love reading for yourself using Tarot cards can be a profound and insightful experience. Here's a step-by-step guide to conducting a love reading using your own Tarot deck:

To begin, make sure you have a Tarot deck that you feel connected to. Select a calm and quiet space where you can shuffle the cards and reflect.

Sit quietly and focus on your question or intention regarding love and relationships. Try framing it in a positive way, like "What guidance do I need regarding my love life?"

Then shuffle the deck while focusing on your intention as you select each of the three cards below.

  1. The First Card will be all about YOU

  2. The Second Card will be all about Your Partner

  3. The Third Card will be all about The Relationship

Examine each card individually, paying attention to its imagery, symbolism, and intuitive impressions. Consider both the traditional meanings of the cards and your own intuitive insights, as well as the Good Omens, Warnings, and Challenges listed below:

Getting Love Answers For Yourself With Tarot

Good Omens for Love:

  • The Lovers: Represents deep connections and partnerships.
  • Two of Cups: Symbolizes harmony, mutual attraction, and emotional balance.
  • The Empress: Signifies nurturing, fertility, and abundance in love.
  • Ten of Cups: Indicates happiness, fulfillment, and emotional satisfaction in relationships.
  • The Sun: Symbolizes joy, positivity, and enlightenment in love.
  • The World: Signals the completion of a long journey leading to inner harmony and wholeness in relationships.

Warnings and Challenges:

  • The Tower: Suggests sudden upheavals or disruptions in relationships.
  • Five of Cups: Indicates disappointment, loss, or regret in love matters.
  • Five of Pentacles: Can point to isolation or instability within a relationship.
  • Three of Swords: Symbolizes heartbreak, emotional pain, and sorrow.
  • The Devil: Represents temptation, unhealthy attachments, and toxic relationships.
  • The Tower: Warns of an upheaval and sudden, unexpected shakeup that can take place in a present romance.
  • Eight of Swords: Highlights a controlling partner that can leave you feeling restricted, powerless or oppressed.
  • Eight of Cups: Suggests the need to walk away from a situation that no longer serves your highest good.

Pay Attention to Card Reversals: If you choose to read reversed cards, consider their inverted meanings as well. Reversed cards may indicate blocked energy, inner conflicts, or unresolved issues in your love life.

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