The Love Life Prediction By Numerology You Can Sum Up

You can learn how to do your own love life prediction by numerology with just a few calculations and some intuition. Just as astrology can reveal compatibility between signs, numerology can reveal you and your partner’s prospective future using numbers! 

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How To Do Your Own Love Life Prediction By Numerology

Step 1:
Calculate You and Your Partner’s Numbers 

In order to figure out how the quality of your relationship will play out with you and your partner, you first need to calculate your Numerology Numbers, including Life Path Number, Soul Urge Number, Karmic Number, and Destiny Number. 

How To Do A Love Life Prediction By Numerology

In this example we will just be looking at the Life Path Number and creating a combined Life Path number for your relationship. The Life Path Number is a main component of your Numerology chart describing your general like overview, likes, dislikes, and personality.

To calculate your Life Path Number you will be using all of the numbers in your full birth date. 

For example, if you were born January 1, 1984 you will calculate the number as follows:

(month + day + year) 01 +  01 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4   = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6

Your Life Path Number would be 6 in this case. You want to get to a single digit for the purpose of your love numerology forecasts. Now that you have your Life Path Number you will want to calculate your partner’s Life Path Number. 

Step 2:
Calculate Your and Your Partner’s Combined Life Path Number

Once you have calculated you and your lover’s Life Path Number add them together until you get to a single digit. The combined number will give you an idea of how you and your partner’s life will play out together, how your energy will blend together, and if you are compatible. For more specific information you can calculate the other major Numerology numbers, such as Destiny or Soul Urge number, to see how that energy would blend between you and your partner. 

Here are some keywords you can use for each number in the context of relationships when creating a love life prediction by numerology for you and your partner. 

  1. Dominant, Selfish, Me-time, Identity
  2. Balance, Compromise, Kindness, Sharing, Belongings 
  3. Harmony, Birth, Children, Playful, Joy, Carefree 
  4. Structured, Serious, Commitment, Grounded
  5. Sexuality, Creativity, Romance, Date-Night
  6. Hard-Work, Dedication, Responsibility, Compassion, Empathy 
  7. Destiny, True Love, Soul-mate, Twin-Flame
  8. Desire, Obsession, Secrets, Affairs, Gift Giving
  9. Complete, Cycle, Spiritual, Family 

Step 3:
Add Intuition To Create Your Love Life Prediction By Numerology

Now that you know how to do a basic love life prediction by numerology you can start to plan out and anticipate what your relationships will look like. Using your natural intuition you will start to be able to recognize the patterns created between each Destiny Number combination! 

Taken a step further, numerology is able to forecast what each day looks like based on the calendar date. If you want to predict what energy or tone your relationship will hold for the day, then look at the Numerology for that day. Combine the meaning of the day’s numerology with your love numbers to come up with a forecast for the day.

Read into each number and see what hidden messages may be in store for you. You can even start doing some love numerology forecasts for your friends now that you have some basic information on how to do your own love life prediction by numerology! 

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Guest post by Sarah Roberts 

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Sarah Roberts 
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