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Psychic Source Was Off

by Morgan

I had been obtaining readings with several advisors on this site for years. I was told they don't keep notes on other readers readings with you- its all from just talking with you.

Well I have read with Moira- Ricky- Therese to start- they all are in line with each other- but things haven't panned out with the love life like they swore would turn out the way I wanted.

I turned to a few new ones about a year ago- Loretta-Clarity- Anja.. Loretta and Clarity told me of a man around me that was very much attracted to me and was just slow moving... they said no gf's around him... (then I got it straight from the horses mouth he had a long time gf and they lived together!)

They told me I would have a new beau enter by late spring, (that never happened).. they told me an old flame was returning- (that never happened).. their prices keep going up- but for some reason the accuracy of their predictions for me didn't.

All their reviews from others were oh so glowing! I fairly reviewed them- stating maybe timelines were off- maybe they were reading what I wanted.

I was skeptical- but never rude to them during my readings. Well talking to my usual reader to update her - she got all defensive with me telling me she "stood" by her readings and she isn't wrong. She also told me she couldn't help me anymore and thought I was better reading with someone else. She was curt and then said goodbye.

When you are paying good money for a service- it shouldn't matter if I wanted to sing the star spangled banner to her for the 10 min. Talk- she is making money regardless and doing a service she was hired to do.

I enjoyed talking with her prior and she knew I was questioning- but never rude to her- my reviews were fair and just. But after the last time she cut me short and hung up- it was the last time I used their service. I had my account credited!

Anja- I reviewed her saying she was nice and had a background in the right track but her prediction never happened either. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and called her back a few months later to talk- all of a sudden she couldn't "Read" me and told me to contact someone else.

Its funny because when you review their readers when they say stuff is going to happen and it never does- the readers mysteriously cant read you- or cant help you and get defensive- their customer service department always comes up with a useless reason.

I have talked with one reader- Colin. And if he is indeed a true psychic- then he is one to read with (unless they do keep notes on all their clients and that's how he nailed it on the head). But he was really good with me and I got a mans point of view... so I am waiting for time to pass and see if indeed he is a true reader and not reading notes that somehow their company keeps on customers to make you think they are authentic.

Good luck!

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Mar 27, 2018
P.S. full of crap!
by: Anonymous

I was in a very dark place in my life and searching for answers so I was very vulnerable. I spent upwards of $30,000. yes you read that right. None of their predictions and what they said was true. None of it! They generalize and ask enough questions so they sound like they know. they don't! don't waste your money on that site, unless you just want someone to talk to

May 04, 2016
She definitely didn't read the notes...IF she could have
by: Anonymous

My first reading yesterday I felt really good about it was really quick but I had mentioned in my reading it I was carrying guilt over the passing of my ex-husband. Today in my new reading I chatted with someone else and only had very limited time so I put my question right out there is my ex-husband okay and does he forgive me... She clearly didn't know he had passed away. She told me to hang in there stay strong it'll be two steps forward one step back but and there's a lot going on etc. and never once mentioning that he wasn't even here for me to talk to you. I don't think I misled her I was just waiting for her to at least sense that he was no longer alive... right?

Dec 01, 2015
So sorry
by: Ms. Starr

I am sorry what has been happening to you. It is always been a practice of mine to not ask for money. I was born with this gift and it was free to me. I started reading when I was very young and didn't know that is what it was called. I read in school and every aspect of my life. I tell you my Mom said that when I was six I told her I would marry a man from the country, a farm boy. We would marry young and have two children a girl and boy. We would buy our first home when our first child was 8 years old and live in a small town. Well I have done everything I said I would. I don't remember this but my Mom pulled out the piece of paper I described my husband and children. At six who does that. Any way off topic as for you I can see if there is anything I can tell you. But I am free you just need to send me another message here,

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