Love And Relationship Psychic Readings: See If You Are Romance Ready

Lots of people look for love and relationship psychic advice. Sometimes it is so hard to find someone with whom you feel that instant ‘click’ and connection. That moment when you just know: there you are, you are the one! You can have feelings of recognition when you meet someone for the very first time. Or you feel that you immediately love someone. In that case you have met a Soulmate. And sometimes love needs to grow. Either way is fine. Every love-story is unique.

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Love and relationship psychic readings are great but are you really ready for "The One"?

Sometimes we think we want a relationship, but deep down we are okay with being single. Or maybe you are scared to be hurt again? I think you know when this is the case. Don’t let fear ever stop you from falling in love again. If you feel you need to seek help to get rid of your fear, then please do so. You can change this within yourself.

Love And Relationship Psychic Readings

How can you tell if you are really ready for your love and relationship psychic reading?

The thing is, we all want love. And 90% of the single people want a mature relationship, compatible on all levels and with someone who you can trust on all levels.

If you are single right now, you can fine-tune your energy. You can actively do something to draw your future partner towards you. You can make a list of all the things that you are looking for in a partner.

If you fine-tune all the things listed below then you are ready for love and a new relationship. Fine-tuning isn’t always a long and draining process. Sometimes just by acknowledging certain aspects in yourself means you are already fine-tuning.  

How To Tell If You Are Ready For Love And Relationship Psychic ReadingsA love and relationship psychic reading may reveal who's next - BUT . . .

The Love And Relationship Psychic Reading Test

1. You have no problem with being alone. If yes, then you don’t need to fine-tune this. Turn it around; would you like to be with a partner who can’t be alone and needs attention and distraction from others all the time? 

2.  You are independent on an emotional, financial, mental and spiritual level. Turn it around; would you like a partner who must borrow money all the time. Can’t provide for him/herself? Can’t make decisions on his/her own or doesn’t trust her/his own emotions and decisions? Hasn’t grown up yet?

3.  You don’t expect anyone to save you. You know that this is YOUR job and YOUR responsibility, never anyone else’s job or responsibility. Turn it around; do you want a partner who says to you at some point; ‘I thought you would save me! You didn’t and now I am disappointed in you. You were supposed to make me happy because I can’t make myself happy! That is not my job, it’s your job to make me feel good and make me happy.’ If you want to be saved, you will meet someone who is a ‘rescuer’. This is not a mature and balanced relationship because both people are playing a role. If one person in this relationship outgrows his or her role and the other one won’t, you have a problem.

4. You are not jealous when you see happy couples in love. You are happy for them and you know it will only be a matter of time before you are going to meet someone too. It is a Universal law that if you don’t grant others their happiness, you’re blocking your own happiness for yourself.

5.  You feel okay with yourself. You know that you are a really okay-person and that someone will be very happy to have you as his or her partner.

6.  You spend a lot of time daydreaming about your future partner. You stop feeling sorry for yourself about being single and replace any negative feelings about being single with daydreaming about him or her and these dreams give you a feeling of happiness. The secret of daydreaming is that you start to attract what you are dreaming about. So, daydream as much as you can!

7.  You take care in the way you look. Turn it around; most of us want a partner with good personal hygiene, wearing clothes in which he or she feels confident. It’s very attractive if you feel good about the way you look. It doesn’t matter how you look or how much money you spent on clothes or your hair etc. Because that has nothing to do with it. Feeling good with how you present yourself is key. You can’t buy that feeling.

8.  You no longer hold a grudge or feelings of hate and anger about ex-partners. Feelings of anger or hate will block you from finding happiness again. These negative feelings also have a devastating effect on your health. Forgive him or her. To forgive someone doesn’t mean that he or she has ‘won’. Forgiving has nothing to do with winning or losing. A lot of people see it in that way. It’s about you making the choice to not let anger and hurt control your life anymore. Don’t give someone so much power over your life. You don’t have to forget but forgive and move on. Life is too short.

9.  You aren't afraid that you will end up with the same kind of partner like you did in the past. That was then and this is now. You are no longer the same person you were back then. You have made your list of aspects you are looking for in a partner. Leave the past where it belongs, behind you, not in front of you.

10.  You are developing and feeding your soul and you grow as a human being. For example, you are following a personal development course. Or you started meditating, learning how to paint or sing or you are learning a new language. You are acting on what makes you happy, you are following your passion and that can be from baking cupcakes to reading Shakespeare. Anything that makes your heart jump with joy. When you do things, you are passionate about, then you are the most attractive person in the whole world.

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Barbara Psychic Medium

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Free Psychic items:

Free card reading. In 2012 I made a card deck (well..actually my Guides..I only wrote down what they said). You can ask questions about Love and questions about your current lifepath. You can also ask where you need to focus on today. 

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Free healing for 30 days. My healing powers are quite strong. Everything is energy. I only need your first and last name. When I’ve received your email I ask my team of Healing-guides on that same day to send you a healing. I need permission from you to do this. If you want to ask a healing for someone else, he or she has to give me written (email) permission. I will ask for a healing for you, every day for 30 days. If you want to receive more healing you can email me again after 30 days. Unnecessary to say that you should always seek doctors advice if you feel pain or discomfort. My services are not a substitute for professional services. I can’t and will not give you any guarantees. I also want to say that I do not sell your email address to third parties and I will not use your email address for newsletters and so on. 

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