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How a Psychic Tarot Card Reader Works

Have you wondered to what degree the Psychic Tarot Card Reader differs from a mere muggle reading the cards? Here is how a Psychic Sees with Tarot. The way I see it, there are two categories of people who interpret Tarot. Neither are right or wrong. Just night and day different. First, are the memorizers, conventional, let-the-cards-do-the-talking types (I think of them a Muggles). They operate by the book and won’t divert from symbolic meanings found in whichever Tarot book they read.  

In the second category, are Seers, who sometimes use Tarot, yet they don’t need them. Actually, True Seers can be restrained by the structure of Tarot spreads. To them, ‘reading’ Tarot is like cramming their natural powers into a box and slamming the lid shut. Yet, to please the client, psychics will acquiesce.

Why do Seers Bother with a Vehicle like Tarot?

Some people simply aren’t ready to embrace esoteric concepts of All Seeing, All Knowing. They are much more comfortable when a psychic uses a ‘helper’ like Tarot cards. Like any business, worth its salt, psychics strive to give the people what they want.

Even when the client believes in psychic phenomena, she expects a little flair. After all, she is paying for what she wants…

This brings up the question – would the querent be better served to let the psychic fly freely? Some say ‘yes’. But, until collective consciousness reaches a higher state of awareness – that psychics can see outside normal boundaries of observation – it could cause more harm than good.

Psychic Tarot Card Reader

Must Seers Feel Obligated to use the Cookie-cutter Method?

No! Non-psychic Tarot readers stick to the pre-written script where (literally) Cups always signify love and the Empress always speaks to an upcoming pregnancy.  

However, the Seer isn’t obligated to cut all her cookies using the same shape. Boring!

Psychics enjoy providing perceptive and interesting answers to the querent’s questions. Reading the client’s energy, connecting with his/her spirit guides or seeing what Spirit says, Seers don’t just give the people what they want, they give them what they need.

What is the BIG Difference in Reading Tarot vs. Seeing with Tarot?

So many answers…Probably the biggest difference is that Seers incorporate past, present and future into their ‘readings’. Suppose the querent’s question referred to the wisdom of changing jobs, or not.

Now, let’s presume the psychic receives strong impressions concerning the client’s romantic life, although the cards show no indication of forthcoming love. She might handle the situation something like this:

"I am seeing a man who is returning from wherever he has been. You know this man. You like him. Spirit keeps yanking my chain, wanting me to inform you about this guy. Please understand this information is not revealed in your cards. Because, I see little hearts surrounding him, I am obligated to tell you."

Then, the psychic would continue ‘reading’ the Tarot spread.

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