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Do you have to be psychic to read tarot?

A psychic tarot card reader finds more accurate guidance by relaying what is clairvoyantly seen for you, while a rote tarot reader simply regurgitates memorized meanings. 

You can kick-start your intuition when you don't know all the card meanings.

Let's face it - tarot can be an overwhelming discipline. Seeing destiny in the cards may seem like an attractive prospect but the reality is altogether different. The memorization of meanings for all the cards is enough to drive any beginner mad - and away. And with images teeming with people and various kinds of animals, the hermetic symbolism, the astrological correspondences, the kabbalah and the elemental affinities of the suits,  getting even a basic grasp of reading the tarot seems to require so much hard work, it is almost not worth it. 

How To Be A Psychic Tarot Card Reader

But is it really so? Is the memorization of tarot supposed to be such an ordeal? Or should you just put your deck on the shelf, forget all about it, and pick up runes or tea leaves instead? Not quite!

How do psychics read tarot cards?

While all the facets of rote tarot reading may come in handy at later stages of learning, the beginner needn't worry about them. There is a way around it all. Learn to be a psychic tarot card reader and just look at the pictures! It's almost as simple as that.  Just look at them and say what you see. The pictures were put there for a reason. Instead of the bare numbered pips of regular playing cards, we have the luxury of vibrant visual imagery that was devised to tell a story. So when you are learning to be a psychic tarot card reader allow it to do so.

Learn how to be a psychic tarot card reader

Nine of Pentacles, Three of Cups, and Nine of Swords.

Shuffle your deck, pull out three cards, lay them down and observe the images before you. For example, let's say you have pulled the following: Nine of Pentacles, Three of Cups, and Nine of Swords. What do you see?

Say whatever comes to your mind first. Say it out loud. Even if it sounds silly, childish, too mundane or too out there - don't be afraid.

By looking at the cards, you may say that a rich woman (9 of Pentacles) is going to a party (3 of Cups) but will have a terrible hangover and headache the next day (9 of Swords).

Not quite high magic nor deep spiritual insight into five of your past lives - but it serves its purpose. Sometimes, the tarot just wants to warn us not to make silly mistakes.

Two of Pentacles, the Chariot, and the Sun.

Giving it another go, you pull Two of Pentacles, the Chariot, and the Sun. You see a male figure balancing some coins, an odd vehicle pulled by two mythical creatures, and a child on a horse enjoying the blazing hot sunshine.

The first thing that may come to your mind is that good financial maneuvering will finally enable you to afford the summer holiday you've been wanting to splurge on for a while.

Of course, hundreds of other interpretations are possible depending on the context, the card positions etc. but you shouldn't burden yourself with that just yet.

It is important to stay open-minded, be playful and spontaneous. This way you can access your intuition with ease. Don't forget to practice being a psychic tarot card reader, do fun readings for your friends and family, and keep the fear at bay. Over time, you will be able to expand your knowledge and go further but, for a start, a fresh approach and some enthusiasm can still get you far.

Six simple steps for becoming a good psychic tarot card reader

Step 1 is to look for a fully illustrated Tarot Deck. That means having a scene for each card of the minor arcana as well as the major arcana. The Rider Waite was the first of the fully illustrated tarot decks and most of today’s illustrated tarot decks are now based in part on the Rider Waite deck.

Earlier decks were more like traditional playing cards with pips and rods rather than scenery for the minor arcana. Reading those older 'playing card' type of decks is more aligned to Cartomancy and they are not recommended if you intend to develop as a psychic tarot card reader.

Step 2 is to find a Tarot Deck you FEEL for.  Look at the imagery of the cards; do the pictures speak to you? Do you feel inspired by the cards? Are you drawn in by the pictures? Does your mind start making up stories just by looking at different aspects of the cards? If you don’t have the feeling that there is a mystery waiting to be discovered within these cards just put that tarot deck back on the shelf and look for another. When you find a deck of cards that will make the psychic in you sing, buy them. 

Step 3 is to throw the book of instructions and meanings away.  OK, just discard them for the moment if you want to hold on to all the details as a safety blanket. There’s nothing wrong with a study of the Tarot and using the Tarot as an oracle. But I’m talking about being a psychic tarot card reader, which is a different world altogether, so put the books and meanings and spread layouts out of the way for now.

Step 4 is to get your self relaxed and in the psychic state of mind. You can practice lowering your brain waves in meditation at first. As you become adept at entering psychic resonance you just drop into the alpha level at will. For now, here is my free guided meditation script and mp3 for accessing the alpha state of mind to lower your brain waves in meditation. (The electromagnetic pulse of planet Earth is known as the Schumann Resonance. Although there are fluctuations, this planetary heartbeat maintains an overall measurement of 7.8 Hz. When we relax and slow our brain waves in meditation to the alpha level - between 14 and 7 cycles per second – and in particular 7.8 Hz, we are meshing with the Earth’s deep rhythm and we can easily access the  psychic realm.)

Step 5 is to just let your thoughts bubble up ideas, stories, or messages while gazing at the cards. Ask yourself a question, pick a card and listen to your first thoughts as you gaze at the card. If you find it a little restrictive asking yourself a question, have a friend sit calmly with you to ask you a simple question. It will not matter if it is you or your friend who shuffles the tarot deck and picks the card. Just look at the card and with the question in mind allow your thoughts to wander as if making up a little story inspired by the artwork of the card.

Step 6 is to just do more of step 5. Just keep practicing and you will amaze yourself and your friends. With trust and a calm belief you will develop confidence and accuracy. You will then find yourself psychically reading tarot cards by drawing three or more cards at a time. Try laying out ten or more cards and receiving guidance and inspiration without the need tarot spreads and without blocking up your psychic ability by stuffing your head full of other peoples meanings and interpretations. Just practice lowering brain waves in meditation while gazing at your tarot card images. Don’t be surprised when the characters in the cards seem to move and signal you for attention in your minds eye. With relaxed practice, and trusting your imagination, you will become an expert psychic tarot card reader too!

Ian Parkin - Your Clairvoyant Confidant.

Ian Parkin - Your Clairvoyant Confidant.  (owner and principal psychic of this website)

Ian Parkin is a clairvoyant reader with over 30 years of psychic and metaphysical experience. He works with consciousness, energy, intuitive insight, and has a solid grounding experience in metaphysical wisdom.

A long-time reader of the tarot Ian has taught others how to intuitively read and understand tarot cards for themselves. He has studied and incorporates many areas of metaphysical knowledge into his readings.

His focus is on integrating and illuminating the principles of the law of attraction for his clients and illustrating how we can change our lives for the better. Our thoughts and feelings influence and help create the reality we experience. He believes his psychic advice and coaching helps us take more responsibility for the outcome of our lives. By understanding the thoughts and feelings more clearly of both ourselves and those around us, we can receive insight into our present and future experience.

His readings will help you see the situation clearly, reveal hidden information, and guide you toward the best possible outcome. He reads with empathy, insight, and connection to the highest spiritual vibrations of love and light. His readings are totally confidential, solely to help you, and to reveal the highest truth for your growth.

You will get the most out of your confidential reading if you come prepared with specific questions. You may also want to have a pen and paper handy for any notes. Because you are the only thing you can change, he will coach your answers in the realm of personal responsibility, what you can do to create more of what you want, and less of what you don’t. For personal readings his emphasis is on love and relationships, money and career issues, and general life questions. And for those in business - what entrepreneurs and executives don't wish they had a crystal ball? 

What Is a Clairvoyant Confidant? - [Confidant] a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others. [Clairvoyant] a person who has the ability, beyond normal sensory contact, to perceive events in the past, present and future.

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