Learn To Develop Psychic Abilities The Complete Beginner's Way

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Learn to develop psychic abilities, even if you are an absolute beginner. In this guide I will provide an overall background, map out your first steps, and include tutorials so you can practice pendulum divination, seeing auras, and reading tarot cards. While some people are naturally more sensitive or gifted than others, I have found that with a little encouragement, just about everyone can do this.

When you learn to develop psychic abilities it will involve practicing several intuitive skills, starting with simple divination and working up. A good explanation is to compare this to learning to play a musical instrument: First there are the basics of musical theory to learn. Then you need become thoroughly familiar with your instrument. Finally you need to spend many hours of practicing scales. Then and only then are you ready to produce some real music. 

Learn to develop psychic abilities like beginning to play a musical instrument.Learn to develop psychic abilities like beginning to play a musical instrument.

The first steps when you learn to develop psychic abilities are similar to - 1 Basics of musical theory. 2 Instrument familiarity. 3 Practicing scales.

At first you have to concentrate on what you are doing. However with practice, the mechanics of playing music becomes automatic, and you are free to concentrate on your creativity. - It is exactly the same when developing your psychic ability! By using and practicing with these skills you will unlock your own psychic senses and learn how to use them.

Different Ways To Learn To Develop Psychic Abilities

If you cannot imagine it, then it cannot be!! - So you had better get to work on your imagination! At times we all shows signs of having a sixth sense. 

  • Intuition
  • Having a Premonition
  • Hunch
  • Strange Feeling
  • Extra Sensory Perception
  • Foresight
  • Gut Feeling
  • Insight
  • Instinct
  • Telepathy

You may well put it down to your imagination, but then you find that what you imagined actually happened.

Imagination Is First The Key To Learn To Develop Psychic Abilities  

Your imagination is not only a vital part of your being. It is the essence of your creative ability and the seed of learning to develop psychic abilities. In fact, by further evolving your imagination, you will find that you germinate skills and abilities which many would find amazing.

When you read a book, your imagination supplies the pictures and places you in the story, (or the story in you). A vivid imagination is also your path to creativity! Where would an artist be without their imagination to project their art into reality? Your imagination is also your portal to your extra sensory perception. However, whilst your imagination is your portal to the psychic realms, it is only that, they are not one and the same. There is a fine line separating the two. Discriminating between the two is simply a matter of experience.

Imagination emanates from within yourself, whilst your sixth sense is received from without. Put it this way, if you were a radio transmitter/receiver, imagination is what you send, whilst your sixth sense is what you receive.

Now most Psychics do not normally walk around in a permanent state of heightened extrasensory perception. One learns to control ones state of awareness, in the same way as we all change our level of concentration to suit each occasion.

For those few poor souls who are stuck on maximum sensitivity all the time, life must be difficult in the extreme, trying to discriminate between the psychic world and the physical world at the same time. There are a great many people who are being treated for mental disorders who are just as sane as the rest of us, but who struggle turning off their strong psychic powers.

For the rest of us, we can live in the "normal" physical world, with the added advantage of intuition, perceiving auras, and receiving whispers from guides when the occasion demands. Trust me, there are times it is good to not have any of psychic power and to be able to just switch off. However, personally, I would find not having my psychic ability akin to losing my sight or hearing.

From time to time of course, we will become aware of a non-physical presence making itself known. To an aware person, these presences are our companions in life - we catch glimpses of their auras and hear their whispers every day. To people who choose not to be aware, the messages and whispers are still there, however they manifest themselves as "coincidences" or signs.

When these signs fail to penetrate the fog of denial, the signs become dreams, which can become progressively more dramatic until the message sinks in! 

Note: If you are hearing voices and they go away when you tell them, you are in control – and you are ok. However if you feel an overwhelming compulsion to obey the voices - get some professional help - now!

There are many explanations for non-physical presences. Some of these are:

  • Angels - Spiritual entities not attached to any individual who intercede for us at a spiritual level when we ask for help.
  • Spirit Guides and Helpers - Our spirit guides are spiritual entities who have attached themselves to us personally to guide us through life. I believe that this arrangement is symbiotic - whilst we are evolving from a corporeal life, our guides are evolving through a non-corporeal life.
  • Ghosts and Departed Spirits - Spirits of the departed which are earthbound - that is, are still attached to this plane of existence and have not made their return to the whole (The Light).
  • Expanding your Awareness into the Astral Plane - In some forms of deep meditation we can drift towards out of body experiences and on certain occasions, our awareness can extend beyond the "normal" three dimensional world. Astral traveling is simply extending you awareness beyond your physical self. Unless you have consciously given your body over to another spirit - even then you are still in control - your awareness and body are still connected. 
  • The influence of the Almighty - No definition here - this is for your own personal experience of God, All That Is, The Light, The Divine, Universal Intelligence, Allah, Brahman, The Buddha, The Tao, etc.

All of these explanations are valid! They are metaphysical concepts. Attempts to define such phenomenon will fall short because definitions will be a reflection of your human perceptions rather than the spiritual reality. Definitions are man-kinds way of trying to create "God" in his own image!  The reality of the "Spiritual World", "Astral Plane", "Causal Plane" or whatever, is far beyond the limited three dimensional perceptions of we mortals. Any "Reality" we can imagine is a projection of our own psyche. Metaphysics brings with it its own disciplines and realities.

Often I find people trying to explain a phenomenon in logical terms - and failing to, when there is a quite simple metaphysical explanation. This is because metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and our perception of the world, that is, using our psychic ability.

Broadly, there are four different types of psychic abilities, these are:

  1. Clairvoyance - the ability to see auras, guides/angels, etc. This is the popular misconception of being psychic. The term "see" is better expressed as "perceiving an image of"!
  2. Clairaudience - the ability to hear voices of the guides, angels, etc. This type of perception is hearing within the mind, although sometimes it can be startlingly real.
  3. Clairkinetic - the ability to feel the guides, angels, and beings in other dimensions; getting a physical sensation in or on the body to indicate that another presence is making a connection.
  4. Clairsentient - This is the much vaunted process of "full body channeling", or allowing a non-corporeal entity temporary use of your whole body.

Perception is the key to learn to develop psychic abilities. Perception is not just how we think about things, rather it is what happens when we turn off the thinking process. It is ‘open-mind-ness’ where our minds are open to "see" on other levels. It is the realm of the spiritual, the mystic, of wisdom. That is what you are getting yourself into!

Different Types Of Psychic Powers

To learn to develop psychic abilities is not just all meditation and contemplation; your psychic ability should be integrated into your daily life. It is your sixth sense, and it should be as useful to you as your regular sight and hearing.

As a rule of thumb, the further you wish to develop your psychic abilities, the more you need to discipline your lifestyle. Associating with people also involved in the metaphysical is also very helpful when beginning to learn to develop psychic abilities, even necessary, however you will find yourself attracted to like minds and abilities, in fact you will draw them into your life.

Naturally a lifestyle balance needs to be achieved, but basic practices and disciplines do need to be observed. Most psychic skills tend to be latent. They have not been developed because they are frowned upon or misunderstood in our society.

An example when you learn to develop psychic abilities is the ability to see auras. We can all do it - we were born able to see auras, but at some point we were told or intuitively realized that others didn't, so most people have lost the ability. (Use it or lose it)!

I have chosen each of the following exercises, for you to learn to develop psychic abilities, for their practical applications to daily life. And in general each example builds on the foundation of the previous example.


  • These skills are not just 'try it to see if it works' stuff.
  • This is real life!
  • Each exercise should be practiced until it becomes part of your daily life.
  • Unfortunately there is no shortcut to becoming more psychic, it is a process of personal growth.

There are dozens of methods which we could explore in order to learn to develop psychic abilities. I have chosen the three best tools and presented them in order of difficulty. Each of these exercises for will build on the awareness gained from the previous lesson.

Learn To Develop Psychic Abilities: The First Steps For Beginners

1) Pendulum Divination 2) Seeing Auras 3) Reading Tarot Cards

You should spend some time and a little effort learning the three methods that follow, they are the basic ways to learn to develop psychic abilities. As such, they are building blocks, each revealing a little more of your innate abilities.

1) Pendulum Divination

Pendulum Divination

Pendulum Divination
Pendulum divination, in its various forms, is one of the most common and easiest psychic development first steps that you can master. Do not underestimate its usefulness and power. When all else fails, your pendulum will help you find both the right questions as well as providing the answers. Learn more > >

2) Seeing Auras

How to See Auras for the First Time

How to See Auras for the First Time
Thanks to Kirlian photography it is generally accepted that this energy field exists. However, unless you can see them, this knowledge is of no use to you. Low light, a certain distance and an angled gaze will help you to start seeing auras for the first time. Learn more > >

3) Reading Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Reading For Beginners

Tarot Card Reading For Beginners
In this free, tarot for beginners, lesson you will learn how to read the cards while developing your intuition. Even without a developed psychic sense you will still obtain a useful and accurate reading by following the specific divination meanings of the cards. Learn more > >

Author - Richi Who

The Late: Richi Who

I first met 'Richi Who' (AKA Richard Philippe) in 1986 when I had moved to Magnetic Island in Queensland. Richi was leading a mystical, monkish, life at the time. He was living alone while caretaking the solitary house at Arthur Bay for its owner, the late, Sid Ward.

Richi became an integral part of my own spiritual initiation and was to become my psychic guide. His late-night mystic sessions on Arthur Bay filled my life with wonder while opening doors to other worlds.  

Richi later became the first psychic reader I retained at my Ancient Wisdom Center and we stayed friends ever since.  Sadly Richi Who passed away in 2013 while on holiday in Europe. Happily he has since reconnected and is now one of my highly evidential spirit guides.

Read more by, and about, Richi Who > >

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