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Romantic Reconnection

by Trevor

I have this strange, but poignant dream that occurs every so often. Last night I dreamt about a woman I knew a few years back. In reality, she was an actual roommate. I can remember having dreams about her when I was on holiday. It is not hard to figure that I rather fancy her.

Anyway, the last dream was some sort of holiday trip between us. We were in a town (I do not recall in particular), and she was on holiday. Somehow, we ran across each other in the street. She told me that her stay would only consist of a few days, and it was imperative that she return home, soon. I had this feeling of anxiety because I wanted her to stay with me.

The proposition was that she could stay at my flat a few days longer. She persisted with her initial plans to depart. It might have been family related. I knew how important it was for me to coerce her into staying a little longer.

We had dinner at a cafe. There was an intimate moment between us that took place at either my flat, or her hotel. It was short lived. I insisted in seeing her off the next day. We held hands, and hugged. Again, I tried to persuade her. At this point, I could see the affection in her eyes, as she was about to depart.

Something told me that we would meet each other again.

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