Scary Premonition Dream

by Lost and Scared
(Up in the sticks as my mom use to say.)

I had a dream last night that my husband and myself pulled into a carport (which we don't have). He said to me in my dream, "I have a confession (I was looking at him and thinking what you cheated on me?)", he continued with, "Our son did not die from a seizure." I looked at him in shock and said in an angry tone," Yes he did, that is what the autopsy showed." He said, "Well then, I caused the seizure." I started crying telling him, "no it can't be true, you took our son away from me." and I started to slap him and got out of the car and ran in the house to look for him and then I woke up. I got out of my bed and ran straight to his room to see if he was alive and he is. I kissed and told him I loved him.

Today, during school, he threatened to kill his sister because they got into a fight yesterday before bed and threatened that if he could get a taser that he would tase a classmate. The school decided to call his therapist as my son does have mental problems and never called me. The school and therapist made it worse than it truly was by stating things that he had said over the last several months. This is the first I was being informed about any of the problems.

I was informed afterwards that he would have to be placed at a hospital tonight, period. I did not agree with this at all and made it clear that I did not want him sent off until Christmas day as we have to celebrate Christmas the day before because I will not have my middle child on Christmas day. My husband decided to talk to the therapist and met everyone at school. He was told if we did not send him to the hospital that would be medical neglect and then he would be removed from our home by child protective services. I still don't agree with this decision but, my husband made it and then forced me to fill out paperwork because he can't read or write and I told him, “You are running this show and I already told you that I want NOTHING to do with this at all. Not even to fill out this damn paperwork. You find someone else to fill this out and here is his medicaid card." My husband called me a child because I did not want to send my son off and told him to handle this as he made the decision to do this not me. Why should I participate in any way? He is putting me in a bad position, mood, and Christmas is already hard for me because I lost both my grandmothers in December. One on the 31st, 1997 and one on the 8th, 2009 (I think the second one is the right year). This is going to be the worst Christmas EVER for me as I do not have my mom, neither grandmothers, neither grandfathers, my step-son will not be here as he is legal age and my baby, youngest child will be in friggin mental hospital that my stupid, retarded husband put him in. I love my husband and the only thing that gets me through the Christmas season is having my children with me. I already lost one (my step-son whom I basically raised and calls me mom and calls his mom by her name) and now my youngest baby (granted he is 12 all my children will always be my babies.)

What really gets to me is that my son has been bullied by the same children and some teachers repeatedly at this school and the principal won't do anything and neither will the teachers. On top of that the Principal had the audacity to tell me that he loves my son as much as I do and I corrected him really quickly by saying, "YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN FAIR TO JASON NOR ME AND YOU WILL NEVER LOVE MY SON MORE THEN ME. ONLY GOD CAN LOVE HIM MORE THEN ME." He didn't argue and just said in a smug voice, "Whatever."

They (the school, teachers and principal) automatically say that he caused the problem he must have, only because he has mental problems. I don't see how this is fair... so my son snapped after being bullied for the last two years by the same students, he is 12 and has no way of sticking up for himself with these other students (he is much smaller than the other students) no less the teachers and so he threatened to tase the one that has picked on him the most and yesterday and today about our religion (Catholic) and how he behaves (weird and strange) and their solution is to send my son to the hospital and not take care of the children that are bullying him except talk to them. They have a NO BULLYING Policy at the school but, it has failed to protect my son on many occasions over the last several years.

So my dream in turn in my thoughts was warning me that my son was being taken from me in a way by them. Or at least I feel like it was a warning. What do you think? Was my dream just a premonition letting me know that he was going to be sent off but, will be home again? (as I woke up before I really got to the door of the house we were at. It looked nothing like our house looks like." Or was it just a dream? Or is it truly going to come true but, instead of my husband perhaps another student or maybe just and hopefully a far maybe a teacher or the principal? I hope and pray that it is one of the first two and not the last question as I want my son home with me. I don't want to lose him forever.

Thanks for reading and feel free to interpret my dream by using the comments link below.

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