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Seeing My Own Ghost

by Samixya
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

Seeing My Own Ghost In Dream

Seeing My Own Ghost In Dream

Near my home there is small hill. And above it there is a nursery. People used to say that the hill is haunted. And there used to be small stream below the hill which is no more there right now.

I shifted in that place just a few years ago . The local people who lived there from many years ago said that people's dead bodies were burned near that stream as in our tradition dead bodies are burned not buried.

In my dream I saw that I with my friends went hiking in that hill. We went to the nursery and watched different kind of flowers. And while returning, there was a swing in between two trees in the middle of the hill, and a girl was swinging in that swing.

The girl was wearing white gown and her hair was dark brown exactly like mine. We all recognized that it was a ghost. All my friends were scared and they were going to run but I whispered them to keep and stand still.

Then the girl playing on the swing turned her head towards us. And what shocked me most was that her face was also exactly like mine. She then said that we going to be like her. We all started trembling with fear.

Then I suddenly woke up scared.

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