Seeing Through Her Eyes.


Seeing Through Her Eyes

Seeing Through Her Eyes

I was seeing this early 20 year old emo gothic woman in my dreams, and I never met her in my life.

I saw her life that she was showing me. I saw her as a young girl, and she lost her mother to heart disease. Then it showed her being abandoned by her father, and she was blamed for her mother's death by her father. She showed herself raising her twin sister, three younger sisters, and newly born brother. The girl told me how much of her life she had to give up for them. Around her teen years, she was showing herself waking up in a coffin not knowing anything. (This was when her father came back to raise her and the others, and he was newly married.) Then she was showing me her new step-mother was going insane and was shortly divorced from the father. Then the father was re-married to another women.

The second step-mother was more strange to the girl. At some point she showed me her two step-brothers were trying to rape her and her sisters because the mother. I saw how the girl was fighting back for herself and for her sisters. Then her father found out what happened, he divorced the woman, and the girl showed someone on their way to prison or jail. Then her father got re-married again. She told me that the marriage only lasted about a day or two. She showed the third step-mother abusing her. The girl even put me in her place. I felt what she was going through and seeing what she had to go through. Then she took me out of her place. She showed her father being divorced again, and the third step-mother was being taken away.

After her father remarried again. The fourth step-mother didn't give her any trouble or did anything to hurt her, her sisters, or her brother. I tried asking her for her name. She told me "I don't know my real name. I was always been called Evil. I know you are going to ask about my family like who they are. All I can say is my sisters and brother's name and my last name .

Their names: Annie: my younger twin sister, Israel-Bella: my short younger sister, Misty: my tall younger sister, Alex: my random younger sister, and Ben: my only brother that is blood related. My family's last name is Blake. I should add you to my family, you're just like me."

After that I wasn't seeing them in my dreams as much.

Another day, I saw through her eyes again. She was in front of a tree and there was a large flat stone in front of her. She was looking down at the stone. There were three things: a gun, a bottle of poison, and a noose. Then everything went black.

If I had to guess what it meant, I would guess this: That the girl I was seeing was someone like me or was a past life of mine. She was trying to tell me, "I went through most of the things you're going through. I know how you feel. I'm always there for you."

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Nov 06, 2016
You vs the women
by: Mrs Starr

She was showing you her life, to show you that you are not alone in what has happened in your life. There are people who suffer in life and you never would have guessed. She wants you to not do what she did. She showed you she ended her life and because of that she would never fulfill her purpose. She wants you to reach out for help, not hide what is happening to you. Seek others who are like you, get the help you need so you can fulfill your purpose. Life is a lesson for all of us, teaching is part of God's will. For all the bad in our lives we must learn to overcome. There are people who need you, love you, and who need you. Carry on, and live that is her message.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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