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Shared Intercourse Dream

by Leigh
(Louisiana, USA)

I had a very emotionally intense dream where I was engaging in intercourse with an unknown person in my home in my room, while my children were in the house. It was strange because I felt like I did not want to be in that position. As though, I knew better. This was not what I wanted to be doing. It was awful. My husband walks in the room and, of course, is extremely angry. He slams the door and proceeds to leave the house and I am following him. The dream ends as he walks out; slamming the front door and it fades to white. It was very disturbing.

Upon awakening, my husband stated he had a bad dream. This was obvious because he was in a horrible mood. With me feeling rotten I simply stated I had a bad dream too. I asked him what his dream was about.

He said that he dreamed that he had come home from work, the kids were watching TV and he went to the room. He thought it was odd that the door was closed and I was in there while the kids were doing whatever. So, he opens the door and walks in on me and some other person - whom he can't describe (and neither can I). He is angry and leaves as I chase him.

That is where his dream ends also...
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